News: Legrand Acquires AFCO Systems Cabinet & Containment Solutions
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Introducing Itray from Legrand - it's cable tray, reinvented.

It's the newest addition to the PW Line of cable tray products. It was designed with many value-added features to streamline the engineering, purchasing and installation of cable tray. Itray replaces our current C-Channel aluminum 4" to 7" side rail height ladder tray line. Our current Heavy-Duty, 8" and 10" sidewall height Long Span tray will still be offered as before.

Product Coding & Dimensions

Itray Straight sections are identified by NEMA class and easy to understand fitting dimensions.

Revolutionary Splicing

Splicing that's made easy and offers mid-span splicing standard.

Engineered Side Rail

Itray features easy clamp covers and an I-Beam side rail design for a stronger cable tray.

Fittings That Fit Well

Fittings that work together better and a symmetric side rail result in smoother finished installations.

PW Cable Tray

Cable Tray solutions that carry the load. PW products have played a leadership role in the cable tray industry, providing innovative cable management solutions to the electrical marketplace.