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Outlets + Switches Upgraded

Blogger Jess from and her husband installed adorne outlets, switches, and lighting with ease.

Read more from Jess below: 

Marcus actually installed EVERYTHING, so it’s that easy – which I loved because well, who wants to spend money on that and then installation? Obviously, if you get more into the fancy stuff then installation is kind of a must, but with these Marcus did them all and finished all the kitchen outlets, two light switches and a night light in about 30 minutes and they all work great. In the kitchen for the outlets we did all items from their adorne Collection. We did their adorne Tamper Resistant Outlets and their GFCI ones in gloss white. We went with these ones because they have a patented shutter system to keep kid’s safe and since it was in an area that Blake is in often we said, yes, this is perfect. These are actually the ones we plan to put in our living room area, Blake’s room and play room as well because — safety. The GFCI’s are also tamper resistant and they perform an automatic test every 3 seconds, which again – peace of mind people. I also just love the look of them as well and you can fit two bigger plugs in them easily, as pictured which is another BIG win and perfect for a bathroom too

To see more, continue reading on Jess' blog >

Positively Oakes

Positively Oakes

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