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A message from John Selldorff on the COVID-19 virus and what LNCA is doing in response.
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Air Guard Brush Cable Grommet, OR-BCGFME5X7
Air Guard Brush Cable Grommet, Flush Mount
Flush mount Extreme is a heavy duty unit with a two stage, integrated sealing system, EPDM gasket material (UL94HF-1 rated) and standard Air Guard brush technology, to provide the most effective air seal. A heavy duty, integrated safety cover comes as a standard component. OSHA jobsite statues require open holes in floor panels to be covered. The cover may remain in place until cabling systems are installed and may be saved for future use.
Adjustable Dual Rack Dust Cover,  19.38"W x 21-26"D,  Black, OR-DC2126-19
Adjustable Dual Rack Dust Cover, 19.38"W x 15-20"D, Black
Discontinued-Ortronics has selected the best connectors in the industry for our fiber system components. Ortronics Fiber Assemblies can be ordered in various lengths and are available either in multimode or single mode fiber with any standard ceramic connector including ST, FC, LC & SC.  For lengths, cable types, or connector styles not shown, please consult Ortronics sales at (800) 934-5432. When high density is required, Ortronics recommends the duplex MT-RJ and LC based products.
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