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A message from John Selldorff on the COVID-19 virus and what LNCA is doing in response.
Healthcare professionals in scrubs and personal protective equipment monitoring a hospital room

Legrand Temporary and Permanent Power Solutions for Crisis Healthcare

The power to persevere.

The power to keep you on your feet.


In ever-changing situations, you need power solutions as nimble as you are. Luckily, when times get tough—we get even tougher. Legrand has a fully stocked line of temporary and permanent power solutions to solve your biggest healthcare challenges.





Temporary hospital beds set up to receive patients

Perfect for:

Healthcare Facility Expansion

Building new wings and units to fulfill capacity requirements.

Healthcare Facility Updates

Updating healthcare facilities to handle higher patient numbers and power up increasing quantities of vital equipment.

Temporary Healthcare

Temporary healthcare setups in buildings not originally designed for healthcare, like gymnasiums, convention centers and more.

Case Study: University-to-Hospital Transformation
Legrand recently stepped in to help a prominent east coast university create a temporary hospital site. Over 1,200 four-foot power pedestals with hospital grade receptacles were installed and will provide critical power for almost 2,000 beds. The beds will provide care for COVID-19 patients from the New York City area, one of the nation’s most hard hit areas. 

The power to help transform.

Don’t wrangle with makeshift power setups and risk losing precious connections. Stock up on our portable options when you need to quickly bring power to atypical applications, including outdoor spaces.


Hospital Grade Plug-In Outlet Centers
Bring power safely and conveniently in a portable plug-in unit to labs and other workstations.
GFCI Receptacles
Adapt any receptacle to provide GFCI protection for on-the-go safety that’s water-resistant. 
Cam-Type Devices

Enhanced durability and service life for continuous, worry-free power that’s code compliant.


5-channel yellow and blue temporary power cable protector

Cable Protectors

Safely manage onsite cables with a tough, all-weather design to organize and protect.

Assorted Turnlok® Locking Plugs and Connectors

Turnlok® Locking Plugs and Connectors

When power needs rugged, reliable and long-lasting performance indoors or out.

The power that’s as dependable as you.

No one can be slowed down by old or unreliable power supplies. Our electrical devices are code compliant, safe and rigorously tested. 
PlugTail® Receptacles and Switches

Installs 5x faster than conventional devices and perfect for lobbies, patient rooms and critical care units.

Watertight and Antimicrobial Plugs and Connectors

Tough devices for anywhere you need power that’s safe from moisture.

Power Poles

Quick, easy installation for hospital beds, nursing stations and more.


Plugmold multioutlet system in medical workstation

Plugmold® Multioutlet Systems

Bring necessary connections to tight locations with a compact, low-profile design.

Prewired Raceway over medical workstation with medical professional

Wiremold® Prewired Raceway

Wired and preassembled for fast, painless installation in labs and other critical healthcare support stations.
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