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Server Cabinets with a Robust, Modular Design. Available Q2 2022

Nexpand is a premium configure-to-order server cabinet platform that helps improve energy efficiency in the data center. It offers a highly configurable design with infinitely adjustable accessories and components and ready-to-ship parts that provide shorter delivery times and faster deployment. The cabinet is constructed with a lightweight, solid aluminum frame, a 3,500 lbs static load capacity, and aluminum extrusions, ensuring that it will stand the test of time.

Nexpand Platform Benefits:

  • Smart – Unlimited Possibilities
  • ​​​​​​​Solid – Next Level Reliability
  • Secure – High-Level Access Security
  • ​​​​​​​Sustainable – Best-In-Class Energy Efficiency

Solid Aluminum Frame

The Nexpand cabinet platform offers a lightweight, solid frame that delivers extreme flexibility with aluminum extrusions. These extrusions allow T-slot rails to be mounted along the full interior depth and width of the cabinet.

Door with Optional Integrated Locks

The Nexpand cabinet door features a unique, minimalist design with easy door installation and a fully integrated handle and locking mechanism. The locking mechanism and any associated wiring are contained within the door, preventing damage and tampering.

Improved Cable Management

The Nexpand platform builds on a legacy of cable management solutions from Legrand. It features a multifunctional O-ring configuration that can be installed without tools and used in conjunction with traditional tie-wraps or Velcro straps. The Nexpand cable management rings can be flexibly mounted to any depth along the cabinet's extruded aluminum rails.

Flexible Top-of-Cabinet Design

The top-of-cabinet design of the Nexpand platform rethinks power and data cable management by providing features that improve flexibility and ease of use for today's data center. The Nexpand cabinet supports overhead cabling and power distribution not only through the strength of its structural frame but through a convenient and adjustable roof panel design that includes inserts for airflow containment, integrated cable relief, and cable dividers.

Efficient Airflow Management System

To efficiently guide airflow, Nexpand comes with a comprehensive set of accessories to support containment in and around the rack. The airflow management package consists of flexible, rail-mounted vertical panels with integrated cable management inside the rack and adjustable angles and seals to redirect airflow from below and between racks.

Adjustable Side Panels

To redirect airflow and provide security, Nexpand offers side panels that can be installed before, during, or after the original installation. The side panels are subdivided horizontally, allowing them to be moved or removed easily. They are also designed to slide between two frames that are already installed. To ensure continuity, the panels are designed to provide a ground connection once locked into place.


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