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Enhance the healing environment with integrated shade & lighting controls

Now more than ever, creating healthy, safe and comfortable spaces for patients and providers is pertinent to the operation of a great hospital or healthcare center. Legrand’s Wattstopper DLM lighting control products allow for the flexibility to create energy-efficient designs to fit into new or existing healthcare settings that enhance the healing environment for patients, families and providers. Utilize our digital scene selector switch (LMSW-105) to change light levels in patient rooms, and schedule or control lighting with our DLM Touchscreen (LMEQ-41) in corridors and nurses stations to provide adequate lighting for visiting hours and afterhours. Integrate Legrand’s shading controls into your lighting control systems to improve energy efficiency, take advantage of natural daylight levels, and improve overall interior building aesthetic, creating more pleasant spaces for occupants.

Provide Comfortable Patient Rooms

Flexible lighting controls and motorized shades provide patients with a calming environment that promotes comfort and healing.

Create Productive Nurse Stations

Create spaces where nurses can focus on their top priorities. Clearly marked zoned override switches and an intuitive user interface allow nurses to easily control light levels and focus on what matters.

Brighten Exam Rooms

High-quality, tunable light illuminates the space, while shading assists with privacy, allowing for quick and accurate diagnoses of patients in a secure environment.

Evolving energy codes, transformative lighting technology, and high-performance buildings require powerful, flexible solutions.

Legrand takes on the code and regulation complexity of hospital construction to ensure no hassle start-ups of hospital lighting systems.

​​​​​​​Our hands-on approach to lighting design and project management helps keeps hospital construction projects on track and ensures on-time lighting control system start-ups and commissioning. Our team of dedicated healthcare application engineers and field service technicians ensure smooth installation, integration and code compliance of lighting control systems.

Keep your lighting control system connected to a powerful Wattstopper support team with a customized service contract from Legrand. Gain access to priority scheduling of our team of service techs that are experienced in the complexity of a healthcare environment.