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Enriching LNCA’s Black Professionals 

Legrand’s Black Professional Network, established in July 2020, is a safe space for LNCA’s Black employees to be their truest selves, expand their network, and grow professionally while supporting the company’s efforts toward diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

BPN’s mission promotes equal opportunity, awareness, and understanding of Black employee needs across LNCA. We better the lives of Black employees through advocacy, mentorship, opportunity, and career advancement. Our efforts foster an environment of excellence, inclusion, and equity.

What does BPN offer?

Embrace shared experiences

Learn from BPN members who have been through what you are experiencing in your current role.

Explore cross-functional opportunities

Network with employees across LNCA and discover where a stretch assignment could take you.

Explore more about Legrand's Black Professional Network in our programs overview!