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Modular and Flexible Cabinets

Configure-to-Order cabinets are a highly engineered data center cabinet solution that delivers fast, built-to-order configurability, best-in-class strength, and scalability regardless of the application. Configure-to-Order is a turnkey solution with ready-to ship cabinet components that integrate with power, cable and thermal management accessories to support next-generation compute requirements.

Legrand Configure-to-Order Key Benefits: 

  • Short Lead Times – Customer-specified, factory-assembled solution reduces component count, packaging and on-site assembly, saving time and delivery cost.
  • Flexibility – Easy attachment and positioning of accessories allow for faster deployment and maintenance.
  • Improved Airflow – Seamless integration with optional airflow management accessories ensures effective conditioned/exhaust air separation and maximum equipment cooling.
  • Comprehensive Solutions – With ready-to-ship components, such as thermal management and cabling accessories, the cabinets are delivered ready for a live environment.

Are you interested in learning how Legrand cabinets can be configure-to-order to meet short lead time while still providing flexibility? Talk to the cabinet experts at Legrand.

Nexpand is a premium configure-to-order server cabinet platform that helps improve energy efficiency in the data center. It offers a highly configurable design with infinitely adjustable accessories and components and ready-to-ship parts that provide shorter delivery times and faster deployment.

Resources & Downloads

Check out our resources page for additional information on our cabinet & containment offerings.

Legrand’s Data, Power & Control division delivers a broad portfolio of expertly engineered solutions for data centers and building network infrastructures. We start by understanding your challenges and then bring technical expertise and innovative solutions to help you optimize for today and plan for tomorrow.

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