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Power and Charging Solutions for Furniture

Every commercial space needs a solution for providing power. By adding power and charging options, you can create the inviting, productive space that everyone craves. Stylish, easy-to-install options from Legrand give you the power you need without disrupting your space design or breaking your budget.

Seamless and small without compromising on power.

Power the future of flexible work. Easily add power and charging access to sit/stand desks and tables.

Legrand offers an array of innovative products that provide power, data, and charging connections exactly where it’s needed in commercial interiors. These adaptable power solutions make it easy for users to reconfigure layouts while maintaining a modern design.

Combine the ModPower System with the Connectrac Flex Raceway System. Change your space freely. Keep all the power you need.

See how easy-to-use, easy-to-move power and charging changed this campus for the better.

Prep work surfaces and counters for necessary connections that are kept safe from spills.

Don't let people waste precious minutes fumbling with confusing cords and connections in meeting rooms.

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