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Frequently Asked Questions: The adorne® Collection

Find the answers you need about adorne light switches and dimmers, outlets and more

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General Questions

Q: Where were the adorne products shown on HGTV?

The adorne collection aired commercials 2013 - 2018. Additionally the products can be seen during programs on HGTV such as "House Hunters International," "Buying and Selling," "Property Brothers," "Lake Front Bargains" and "Flip or Flop." The commercial was also featured on the DIY network during programs such as "I Want That," "Rehab Addict" and "Vanilla Ice."

Q: Where can I shop what I saw in the TV commercial?

You can shop the products here.

Q: Can adorne devices be used in Europe?

No. adorne devices are not compatible with European wiring systems.

Q: Where are adorne part numbers located on your in-store displays?
adorne part numbers are located on the drawers in the bottom section of the display.  You should use those numbers when placing your order.

Q: Will adorne devices fit into my existing wall box?
adorne devices fit in all existing NEMA-approved boxes. However, the adorne Pop-Out Outlet requires a minimum 22.5 cubic inch box size for proper installation.
Q: Where are adorne part numbers located on your in-store displays?

adorne part numbers are located on the drawers in the bottom section of the display.  You should use those numbers when placing your order.

Q: How do I bookmark and share links from your website?

Click on the star at the top of the screen in or next to the URL box. Once it turns yellow it has been bookmarked. There are options to share links from our website through multiple channels. All of our product pages offer the option to email or share links on social channels such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Simply select the icon of whichever method you would like to use for sharing.

Q: How do I share the product I want with someone from the website?

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Each of the adorne product pages has the option to share links by email or by social channels. The social channels include Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Select the method you would like to share the product page by clicking on the social icons listed above the product.

Q: How do I check the status of my orders?

​​​​​​​Please contact the place of purchase for your order status.
Q: What is the return policy?

An order can be returned for any reason, opened or unopened, within 60 days of purchase. Once we receive your item, a refund will be credited to your purchasing credit card. To return an item, use the pre-printed label provided with your order shipment and follow the instructions provided in the box. FedEx ground is used to return packages.

Q: Where are the reviews?

You can find reviews on our individual product pages.
Q: Where can I get an adorne product catalog?
Click here to request a free catalog download.

Q: The adorne part number that I'm looking for is not available on your website.

The part may have been discontinued or the part number has changed. Please email us at legrand.cs@legrand.us for more info.

Q: Are there less expensive options?
There is nothing in the market that compares to the adorne Collection. That said, the collection price range begins at a single switch or outlet with a white plate at $9.98 MSRP. From there you can customize your style choices, which also range in price.

Q: Why does magnesium cost more than white?

We have to paint the device to create the magnesium color. For white, we don't have to go through that process.

Q: What is the warranty on adorne products?
Most adorne products are covered under a limited lifetime warranty.  However, select products such as wireless systems and the LED under-cabinet lights feature two-year or five-year warranties.  For full details, click here.
Q: Where is the adorne collection sold? Where can I buy it?
The adorne collection is sold in retail locations throughout the United States and Canada, as well as select lighting showrooms, and online. Most adorne products are available at lighting showrooms and major retailers such as Lowe's, Home Depot and Menards. Click here to find a purchase location near you.

adorne Smart Lighting is only available in select lighting showrooms. 

Q: How do I order adorne products not sold at my local home center or lighting showroom?

adorne products that are not sold at your local retailer or lighting showroom can be purchased online or via special order. Visit your local store's special order counter for details.

Q: How do I buy adorne products when my local home center is out of stock?
adorne is sold at multiple retail locations and lighting showrooms across the country. Click here to search for other stores near you.

Q: How do I get pricing for an adorne product not sold in my local home center?
You can place special orders for non-stocked items at your local Lowe's, Home Depot, or Menards. A store associate will be able to provide you with pricing at that time.  You can also find pricing on the relevant adorne product page of this website.


Product Support Questions

Q: What are the products?

With the adorne Collection, you can choose from high-style materials, finishes and colors (including wood and real cast metal) to express your style. And, with a completely reinvented interface, the adorne collection allows you to control the lights in ways you never thought possible. The adorne collection is a line of light switches, dimmers, outlets, wall plates and accessories for the home. The collection also includes an Under-Cabinet Lighting & Power System and Smart Lighting technology for the home.

Q: What are the products made of?

adorne products are constructed of a variety of materials ranging from high quality, unbreakable plastics, lush cast metals, natural woods, and even leather.

Q: How is this different from what I have now?
adorne products provide elevated design and functionality. The adorne Collection offers a wide array of features, styles, and finishes never before available to consumers for these types of products. Traditional product offerings include toggle or decorator light switches and dimmers. The adorne Collection offers seven different interfaces for turning your lights on. Learn more about the different options here. Additionally, now you can access dozens of metals, real materials, and pop colors to accompany your light switches with the adorne wall plate collection. No longer are you restricted by white and light almond. 

Unlike traditional switches, all of the adorne switches can be wired in either single pole or 3-way applications. This takes the guesswork out of deciding which type of switch to buy.

Q: Which products are childproof?
No adorne product is "childproof." All adorne outlets and GFCI outlets feature a tamper-resistant design, including a patented shutter system to prevent a child from inserting small objects into the outlet.

​​​​​​Q: Which products are safe around water?

No electrical product should be used around, or exposed to water. GFCI outlets should be used in the "wet areas" of the home like kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.

Q: Will it support future technologies?
adorne products are continually being looked at to be expanded and upgraded to meet the requirements of future technologies.

Q: What is the depth of adorne switches, dimmers, and outlets?
Most adorne switches, dimmers, and outlets (except the Pop-Out Outlet) fit in a standard wall box.  You can find specific device dimensions in the product catalog. Click here to request a free catalog download.
Q: What light types work with adorne Tru-Universal dimmers?

adorne Tru-Universal dimmers will automatically adapt to any load or combination of loads attached to them, including Incandescent/Halogen, Magnetic Low Voltage, Electronic Low Voltage (ELV) in Forward or Reverse Phase, CFL/LED bulbs, etc.

Q: What adorne dimmers work with LED and CFL loads?

adorne includes CFL and LED-compatible dimmers in Paddle, Whisper, sofTap, and Touch.  Each dimmer's product page includes icons denoting which light types it supports.  For a full listing of adorne devices and their compatible loads, consult the adorne product catalog. Click here to request a free catalog download.

Q: What adorne dimmers are compatible with Forward-Phase ELV?
Dimmers identified as "Tru-Universal" will automatically adapt to any load or combination of loads attached to them, including Incandescent/Halogen, Magnetic Low Voltage, Electronic Low Voltage (ELV) in Forward or Reverse Phase, CFL/LED bulbs, etc.  View the adorne sofTap Tru-Universal dimmer here.

Q: Can my adorne Paddle Fan Speed Control turn lights on and off?
No. The Paddle Fan Speed Control can only control fan speed, not lights. 
Q: Can I use an adorne SensaSwitch in a 4-way configuration with other switches?

The SensaSwitch can be used for multi-location control. For a 4-way configuration, one SensaSwitch (Master) must be connected to the load and the rest (auxiliary) in the circuit must also be SensaSwitches.

Q: Do you offer blank modules?

Yes.  Blank modules are available in your choice of white or magnesium. Blank modules are sold in a pack of two, which will fill a standard adorne 1-gang wall plate.

Q: What can I plug into the outlets, GFCIs, and USBs?

The same appliances, devices that you are currently using can be plugged into adorne products. adorne product provide the same functionality as traditional products.

Q: What is the difference between 2-module and 3-module outlets?

3-module outlets allow more space to plug in larger items such as chargers. These larger outlets must be paired with an adorne 1-Gang, 3-Module wall plate, such as the one shown here.

Q:How many plugs are in the Pop-Out Outlet? Can I put two Pop-Out Outlets side-by-side?

The Pop-Out Outlet has three outlets with the capacity for three plugs.

Q: Is the Pop-Out Outlet a GFCI?

No. For GFCI protection, an adorne GFCI outlet must be fed through to the adorne Pop-Out Outlet.

Q: Do you offer a 20A version of the adorne Pop-Out Outlet?

No.  At this time, we only offer a 15A version of the adorne Pop-Out Outlet.
Q: What is the difference between 15A and 20A outlets?

The 15A outlet is the most commonly installed outlet in a house. A 20A outlet is only required if it is for a specific appliance known to use over 15 amps of current. To install a 20A outlet the wire needs to be at least a 12 gauge wire or larger, a 15A outlet requires at least a 14 gauge wire or larger. Outlets that are 20A are most commonly found in kitchens, dining areas, laundry rooms, garages, and bathrooms.

Q: How can I tell the difference between a 15A and 20A outlet?

A 20A outlet has a T-slot and a 15A outlet does not. See images below.

15A Outlet: Insert Image
20A Outlet: Insert Image

Q: Why didn't I receive a Locator Status Light with my adorne switch?

The Locator Status Light is standard on all adorne switches and dimmers except the Paddle, Whisper, and Push functions. You can order it separately to pair with those devices. Visit our product page here for more information.

Q: What is the part number of the adorne Control Box Dimmer for Under-Cabinet Lighting Systems?

The adorne Collection offers two control boxes with dimmers for Under-Cabinet Lighting Systems. For the Control Box with Paddle Dimmer (APCB1TM4), click here, and for the Control Box with Paddle Dimmer and 15A GFCI (APCB6TM2), click here.

Q: What Control Box do I need for an Under-Cabinet Lighting System?

We offer five different types of hard-wired entry points for the system:

1. Control Box with Paddle Dimmer - This 1-gang box includes a dimmer to control the system lights.

2. Control Box with Paddle Dimmer and 15A GFCI - This 2-gang box includes a dimmer and a GFCI.

3. 1-Gang Control Box - This box allows you to add a device of your choosing.

4. 2-Gang Control Box - This box allows you to add two devices of your choosing.

5. Direct Wire Connector - This item allows you to control your lighting from a wall switch and enables your system to have a consistent look under your cabinets.

To learn more about selecting the right control box, view this video

Q: How long are the Control Boxes for Under-Cabinet Lighting Systems?

The Control Box with Paddle Dimmer and the 1-Gang Control Box are each 5" long.

The Control Box with Paddle Dimmer and 15A GFCI and the 2-Gang Control Box are each 5.25" long.

The Direct Wire Connector is 6" long.

Q: How do I remove the cover of a Control Box?

Watch our helpful installation videos here.

Q: Can I have two adorne Under-Cabinet Lighting System control boxes control the same lights?

Yes. It is possible when you use one adorne Dimmer and one adorne Switch. Or, you can also use adorne Wi-Fi Ready Dimmers to dim from two locations.

Q: How do I cap off my Under-Cabinet System?

End caps ship with all of our adorne Control Boxes, including the Direct Wire Connector. 

Q: Can I feed from both ends of the modular tracks for my Under-Cabinet Lighting System?

Yes. The adorne 12", 18", and 27" tracks come factory-wired with connectors on either end.

Q: Is there a limit to the amount of Modular Tracks I can use for my Under-Cabinet Lighting System?

No.  You can use as many tracks as needed to cover the area under your cabinets.

Q: What is the Direct Wire Connector used for?

The Direct Wire Connector enables control of the system's LED lights from a wall switch and eliminates the need for another control box in that run of track.  It is also used to continue a circuit when there is a break in a run of cabinets.  For more information, view this video.

Q: What is a wall plate?

A wall plate, also sometimes called a switch plate, face plate, or surround, is the product that surrounds your light switch, dimmer, or outlet. This part is required and you currently have wall plates on whatever devices you have wired in your home.

Q: What are the dimensions of adorne Wall Plates?

adorne wall plates are available in the following dimensions:
1-Gang, 2-Module = 5.13" X 3.45"
1-Gang, 3-Module = 5.13" X 3.45"
2-Gang = 5.13" X 5.29"
3-Gang = 5.13" X 7.06"
4-Gang = 5.13" X 8.88"

Discover the complete adorne Wall Plate Collection here.
Q: What is Hubbardton Forge?

Today, Hubbardton Forge is the oldest and largest commercial forge in the country with a team of over 200 people creating hand-forged lighting fixtures. Legrand collaborated with them to create wall plates to match several of their finishes.

Q: What’s the square device in the middle of the wall plate?

You may not recognize it, but those are probably light switches you’re wondering about. The adorne Collection features a unique square form factor for switches, combining the power to turn your lights on and off with a different tactile feel, modern aesthetic, and variety of innovative features. You can also place outlets, dimmers, night lights and USB charging connections on the inside of our wall plates.

Q: Can I have more than one adorne switch in an adorne wall plate?

Yes.  You can combine two 1-Module Paddle Switches (like the one shown here) in a standard adorne 1-Gang Wall Plate. 

In addition, you can use a 1-Gang, 3-Module Wall Plate (like the one shown here) to combine up to three of these small Paddle Switches. 

In addition, you can use a 1-Gang, 3-Module Wall Plate (like the one shown here) to combine up to three of these small Paddle Switches. 

You can also use this larger plate to combine an adorne Paddle, Whisper, or Push Switch with a 1-Module Night Light or a 1-Module USB Outlet.  You can also combine these 1-module items with an adorne outlet as desired. 

Q: Are adorne wall plates available in sizes larger than 4-gang?

The adorne Collection includes Wall Plate options from 1 to 6-gang in size. 

Q: Do you have an adorne Wall Plate in magnesium to match adorne magnesium devices?

Yes, we do. It is offered in 7 sizes and can be found here.

Q: What adorne Wall Plates work with the Accent Night Light?

We offer adorne Accent Night Lights for various sizes.  Explore our full Illumination line here.

Q: Can I paint the wall plate?

Our Custom Wall Plate, offered with a white or magnesium trim, comes with a paintable template. Just paint and stick to the plate. We do not recommend painting any of the other Wall Plates.

Q: How can I clean them?

All adorne products, like any electrical wiring device, should only be cleaned using soft damp cloth.

Q: Will they work outside?

It must be noted that adorne products are not available in Weather Resistant versions, which are required for outdoor applications by the National Electrical Code. Therefore, adorne products are not suitable for use in outdoor applications where Weather Resistant products are required.

Q: What is the difference between adorne multi-location devices and whole-house devices ?

The adorne multi-location switches and dimmers allow you to control a light from two or more locations without running new wires.  Simply replace your existing switch or dimmer with an adorne Wireless Master, then install a new adorne Wireless Remote at another location in the room and connect it to power.  Connect the two devices wirelessly with a series of button presses. 

The adorne whole-house products provide the same functionality on a larger scale.  They can provide coordinated control of lights throughout the home from installed switches and dimmers, remote controls, or a smartphone.

Q: What is the difference between a Master Switch and a Remote Switch?

These two items work together to control one light (or a combination of lights).  The Wireless Master is wired to the actual light, and the Wireless Remote is installed at another location and then wirelessly connected to the Master through a series of button presses.  The Wireless Remote must be connected to power, and it can be programmed to control multiple Wireless Masters if desired.

Q: How many adorne Remote Switches can be used with a Master Dimmer for multi-location dimming?

The multi-location system supports up to nine devices grouped together.

Q: Is there an adorne smart dimmer that will work with LED lights?

Yes.  Whisper, sofTap, and Touch Wi-Fi Ready Dimmers are identified as "Tru-Universal" and will automatically adapt for control of LED lighting loads. You can find them in the Dimmer section of this site, or in the product catalog.  Click here to request a free catalog download.


Installation Support Questions


Q: What tools do I need to install adorne products?

To install adorne devices, you only need to use the same tools that would be used for traditional switches, outlets, etc.  A screwdriver, pliers, and possibly a wire cutter/stripper are all the tools you would need. Products from the adorne Collection are designed to be installed into standard electrical boxes and wiring systems that are already present in your home.

Q: Does it fit in my existing electrical box?

Yes, adorne products are designed to fit into your existing electrical box, and to replace your existing electrical devices (switch, outlet, dimmer, GFCI).

Q: My sofTap, Touch, or Wave Switch won't work.

Make sure that the mounting frame is connected to a ground wire, and that the device is fully inserted into the frame.  The sofTap, Touch, and Wave switches and dimmers must be inserted into the frame in order to function.  Watch our how-to video for more info on installing an adorne Switch.

Q: Can I use my SensaDimmer with other switches?

The adorne SensaDimmer can be wired in conjunction with a 3-way switch.

Q: Can my switch be used in a 4-way application?

The adorne Paddle Switch is available in a 4-way version.  All other switches are single-pole/3-way only.

Q: I wired my adorne switch per the instructions, but it won't work.

First, double-check that the switch is correctly wired. If issues persist, please contact Technical Support for further assistance at 1-877-295-3472.

Q: I need help wiring my adorne switches.

You can find a full, searchable instruction library and our step-by-step how-to videos here.  Or, contact our technical support team by completing this form or calling 1.877.295.3472.

Q: How do I install the adorne Accent Night Light?

Click here for detailed installation instructions.

Q: How do I install the adorne Locator Status Light?

Detailed instructions are included with the device. You can also download them here.

Q: How do I install two adorne USB outlets side by side?

Two adorne USB Outlets fit in a standard 1-gang adorne plate.  Simply wire each outlet and then snap them side-by-side into an adorne frame.  Please note - if you are replacing a single device you will need to pigtail new wire off of the existing wire in order to install two items versus one. 

Q: Why can't my adorne GFCI Outlet and adorne USB Outlet fit in the same 1-gang plate?

The adorne GFCI Outlet has a large backbody and cannot be combined with another 1-module item in a 1-Gang, 3-Module Plate. 

Q: What is the depth requirement for an adorne Pop-Out Outlet?

The adorne Pop-Out Outlet requires a minimum box volume of 22.5 cubic inches. For the single-circuit plastic box, the minimum depth required is 3". For multi-circuit and metal boxes, the minimum depth required is 3-1/2".

Q: Does the adorne Pop-Out Outlet require a special electrical box?

Most adorne devices fit in all existing NEMA-approved boxes. However, the adorne Pop-Out Outlet requires a minimum 22.5 cubic inch box size for proper installation. Click here for installation instructions.

Q: Can I control an adorne Outlet with an adorne Switch?

Yes, an adorne switch can be used to control an outlet.  If you are replacing an existing switch that controls an existing outlet, simply swap it out with any adorne switch. 

If you are trying to add a new switch to control an outlet, replace the existing outlet with the adorne Wi-Fi Ready Outlet and then add the adorne Wi-Fi Ready Remote sofTap Switch and connect it to power.  Then wirelessly "bind" the switch to the outlet by following the included instructions.

Q: Do you have an instruction manual for Under-Cabinet Lighting and Power Systems?

Yes.  You can find all system instruction sheets in our easy-to-use installation instruction library.  Or, you can access how-to videos in our gallery here.

Q: Where can I get installation instructions for the adorne Direct Wire Modular Track?

Click here for detailed installation instructions.

Q: How do I lay out my Under-Cabinet System?

We offer a layout request form to have our team of experts plan your system for you. You can also visit a lighting showroom or talk to a contractor to get help in planning your system.  Find a showroom near you here.

Q: How can I wire an Under-Cabinet System without using a Control Box?

You can use the Direct Wire Modular Track. This allows you to control the lights in your system via a switch on the wall instead of the integrated control box.

Q: How are the LED Linear Light and Puck Light connected to an Under-Cabinet System?

The LED Linear and Puck Light are connected by plugging their cords into the receptacle locations along the modular track.  Click here for detailed installation instructions.

Q: Can the LED Puck or Linear Lights be installed in an Under-Cabinet System without a modular track?

No. In order for the adorne lights to work, they must be connected to the system by plugging into the modular track. 

Q: How do I install the adorne Digital Music Kit?

The Digital Music Kit simply snaps into any two module locations along the system track.  Learn more about pairing their Bluetooth functionality here.

Q: How do I install an adorne Control Box?

Watch our How-To video here.

Q: What is the difference between installing wired adorne devices and  wireless adorne devices?

Wired devices must be connected directly to a load. Wireless master devices must also be directly connected to a load, but they can then be wirelessly "linked" with wireless remote devices which are only connected to power.  This eliminates the need to run additional wiring to a new switch location, for instance.