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Server Technology Rack PDUs 

Server Technology power strategy experts have provided rack power distribution units for labs, data centers, and telecommunications operations for more than 30 years. Top global cloud, fortune 100, and technology startups rely on our rack PDUs and award-winning power management solutions to reduce downtime, facilitate capacity planning, and improve energy utilization and efficiency.  

Rack PDU Key Benefits:

  • Quality – Our customer’s state that quality is the number one reason they choose Server Technology rack PDUs to power applications at the cabinet. 
  • Superior Customer Support – We are focused on getting you the solutions you need when you need it and strive to ship orders in 10 days or less. 
  • Most Patents in the Industry – Our customer-driven engineering culture has led to innovations like High Density Outlet Technology (HDOT) and patented HDOT Cx outlets. 

Do you need somebody from our team to reach out to you regarding Server Technology rack PDUs? We have the largest number of customer support, engineering, and field-based Certified Data Center Designers (CDCD®) to ensure you, your company, and your projects are supported from end-to-end.

Rack PDU Specifications and Unique Features:

Broad Range of Input Power and Form Factors

Server Technology rack PDU intelligence levels range from (non-networked) Basic to (networked) Switched Per Outlet Power Sensing (POPS) rack PDUs. Input power options include AC and DC, with input current from 16 Amps to 120 Amps, and voltages from –48VDC to 415V three-phase to deliver maximum power capacity up to 57.6 kW. Lastly, rack PDU form factors supported include vertical 0U and horizontal 1U to 4U options.

HDOT and HDOT Cx Outlets

When you are short on cabinet real estate and need to power many devices, High Density Outlet Technology (HDOT) offers the most outlets in a 42U tall intelligent rack PDU. Our HDOT Cx Outlet combines a C13 and C19 into one flexible outlet that can accommodate a C14 or a C20 plug.

Alternating Phase Technology

Available on three-phase HDOT and HDOT Cx Outlets, power is wired in an alternating fashion per outlet for simplified load balancing, reduced cord lengths, and better airflow. Alternating Phase Technology helps users reduce costs and simplify commissioning of three-phase rack PDUs.

Xerus™ Technology Platform

Xerus is a combination of software and hardware technologies embedded in select Server Technology rack PDUs to maximize data center efficiency by delivering security, high compute power, advanced alerting, intelligence, and complete visibility into your power chain.

Resources & Downloads

Visit Server Technology’s website to use our simple rack PDU Selector. You can quickly filter through hundreds of standard rack PDU configurations to locate a rack PDU right for your business need.

Check Out Our Rack PDU Product Families:

Need to have someone contact you regarding Server Technology rack PDUs? We have a team of power experts available to support you, regardless of your project’s stage, size, or scale.