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Power distribution and monitoring systems.

Starline is built on over 90 years of innovation in delivering safe and flexible overhead power distribution to a variety of industries, businesses, and institutions. Expertly designed as a simple, versatile, fast, and reliable solution for supplying and monitoring power, Starline solutions have grown to be the industry standard in data centers and other mission critical environments.

Starline Track Busway is a revolutionary, overhead power distribution system that includes a continuous access slot, meaning plug-in units can be connected at any location, at any time – all without shutting down the busway.

The Starline Critical Power Monitor is a revenue grade meter that provides real-time voltage, current, and power data, leveraging standard communication protocols to ensure seamless integration with virtually any BMS or DCIM.

Starline Plug-In Raceway is an expandable and rearrangeable wall-mounted power distribution system that provides flexibility and customization to facilities with changing power and datacom needs.

Starline products can be customized and reconfigured to meet the demands of any industry.