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Configurable Power and Data Raceway Systems

Connectrac by Legrand offers the most innovative floor-based cable management solutions for seamlessly integrating power, data and communications access right where it’s needed most in any commercial interior application. With both under-carpet and over-floor solutions, it’s all the flexible and configurable power you need without sacrificing the aesthetic of your commercial space.

These floor-based power and data raceway systems seamlessly integrate into the floor and provide all the connections needed without obtrusion.

A single circuit, grab-and-go raceway solution.

A more customizable, 4-circuit system that features moveable power, expandable data capacity and multiple entrance fitting options.

The GO Wireway provides pluggable power and data cable management on top of any flooring surface. It plugs directly into any existing wall outlet, allowing you to easily move or change connectivity access as needed.

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