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Raritan’s SmartLock is a networked, electronic door access and control system designed to deliver audited and controlled access to sensitive IT assets in the data center’s white space. It is an economically scalable solution that addresses evolving rack-level physical security requirements and improves workflow management through regulatory compliance mandates from HIPAA, SOX, PCI DSS, and SSAE.

Smart Door Locks Key Benefits:

  • Easy To Deploy and Retrofit - Its electronic door handle adapter seamlessly connects to an intelligent rack PDU or Smart Rack Controller which supports standard-sized handles and locks to reduce initial setup time. 
  • Vendor Agnostic Compatibility - The intelligent door sensor allows you to seamlessly connect, power, operate, and manage electronic door handles from popular access control manufacturers.  
  • Cost Savings - When the SmartLock system is integrated with Raritan’s rack PDUs, Server Technolgy's PRO3X or Smart Rack Controller it eliminates the need for a dedicated IP drop, gateway, security panel, and home run wiring to the panels.
  • Scalable and Flexible - Scalable and flexible, the devices are accessible through an existing IT network with DCIM software or with standard scripting and communication protocols. This allows for fast and easy IP address cascading, network discovery, configuration, and ongoing maintenance.

Our global team of smart door locks experts are here to support your unique requirements. Connect with us today to inquire or request a quote regarding our SmartLock Door System solution.

Specifications & Features

Smart Card Compatible

The SmartLock system is compatible with proximity card readers that use the following technologies: iClass®, MIFARE®, DESFire®, and HID® Prox.

Compatible with DCIM Software

Integration with DCIM and/or other access control systems to facilitate single point-of-control and easy consolidation of all security/compliance-related audit trails

Network Controlled Access

With on-demand door control for defined users or groups, the SmartLock system provides flexible and secure access and control down to rack and device levels.

Real-time Sensing and Alerting

The innovative Xeres Technology platform is embedded into the SmartLock system, which enables smart sensing, tracking, and alerting of access events.

Resources & Downloads

Visit Raritan's website to request a demo to schedule a time with a product expert and see our smart door locks in action.

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