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Track Busway T5 Series by Starline

Field-proven in mission critical environments for over thirty years, Starline Track Busway has been the power distribution system of choice for operators who require reliability, flexibility, and customization. Our busway system allows users to design their personal electrical grid to the exact needs of their facility, while providing flexibility and ease of change for future modifications and expansions.

T5 Key Benefits:

  • Reliability - Starline has a proven record of reliability in systems requiring 99.999%, or 5 nines, of guaranteed availability.
  • Flexibility for the Future - Plug-in units can be disconnected and connected without de-energizing the busway, reducing downtime to its minimum.
  • Customization - Systems are scalable, reusable, and can be customized in the length, sizes, colors, and configurations required to meet unique specifications.
  • Reduced Maintenance – Due to its continuous bus design, reduced number of electrical connections, and available power monitoring capabilities, Starline reduces require downtime for routine maintenance.

Contact our product experts today to discuss how Starline's T5 Series can meet your specific power requirements.

T5 Specifications & Features

System Rating

The T5 series is rated at 250, 400, 600, 800, 1000 or 1200-1250 amps, 4-pole, for continuous duty at 600 volts; 1200 amp system is 4-pole rated for continuous duty at 480 volts. The system is tested to meet UL857 & IEC 61439-6 standards; ETL, CCC, NOM and VDE certified & CE marked for domestic and international use.

Busbar Design

Starline Track Busway offers finger-safe or tool-safe continuous bottom access, with an innovative U-shape copper busbar ensuring the most reliable electrical connection on the market. By use of tees, elbows, and straight sections, the system can be customized to any layout.

Plug-In Unit Design

Starline’s unique twist-in-lock connection design for plug-in units ensures the fastest and most reliable installation, eliminating the potential for power interruptions and failures caused by complicated mechanical processes.

Joint Design

Starline busway sections are connected with compression joints that eliminate bolted connections or future retorquing. This maintenance-free design reduces downtime and eliminates the need for future thermal imaging.

Resources & Downloads

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