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Single Sliding Door

The Professional Series Single Sliding Doors feature a 36-inch wide opening and an ultra-slim profile of less than 3 inches for optimal space savings. When in maintenance mode, which allows for wider door opening, the single sliding doors open to 39 inches, allowing larger equipment into the space.

Dual Sliding Door

​​​​​​​The Professional Series Dual Sliding Doors feature a 48-inch-wide opening door and a slim (less than 3”) profile to allow more room in the aisle. With the doors taking up less data center space, additional room for IT and other mission critical equipment remains, yielding a higher price per sq foot. When in maintenance mode, the dual sliding doors open to 60 inches.

Sliding Doors Key Benefits:

  • Improve Performance – Door opening allows for faster access and deployment to permit full access to the aisle space
  • Increase Efficiency – Slim door profile allows additional space to store other equipment
  • Space Savings – Ultra-slim profile of less than 3 inches allows for more room in the aisle

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Sliding Doors Specifications & Features

Slim Profile Door

The ultra-slim door is comprised of high strength materials providing durability for long-time use but still boasting a profile of less than 3 inches which allows for more room in the aisle.

Soft Close Mechanism

The soft close mechanism prevents the door from slamming. In many cases, door impact can be detrimental to door operation and mission-critical IT hardware.

Wide Opening

Whether it’s more room in the corridor or extra space that needs to be accessed within the aisle, this door offers an extra wide opening and a slim profile of less than 3 inches.

Twinwall or Solid Polycarbonate Panels

Choose the ideal material for your application and environment. Vertical containment traditionally uses twin wall polycarbonate material. For increased visibility, our solid polycarbonate can be used to showcase your data center space.

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