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Track Busway T3 Series by Starline

Starline Track Busway has revolutionized the way power is distributed in data centers and manufacturing environments. The simple, maintenance-free busway design incorporates a continuous access slot that runs along the length of the track. The ability to access power anywhere on the busway provides endless flexibility to facility operators, allowing ease of use and moves, adds, and changes without loss of uptime.

T3 Key Benefits:

  • Optimized Space - Starline Track Busway provides a customizable solution for power distribution that optimizes ceiling and floor space by eliminating the need for remote power panels, cabling or electrical conduit.
  • Flexibility and Scalability - Starline customizable plug-in units can be repositioned and re-inserted at the exact point of use along the open-channel access slot in a matter of minutes.
  • Ongoing Savings - Starline minimize total cost of ownership by reducing installation time and empowering users to perform layout modifications.

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T3 Specifications and Features

System Rating

Starline’s T3 system is rated at 100 or 225 amps, 4-pole, for continuous duty at 600 volts. The busway housing measures 4.2” H x 2.4” W and is designed with solid copper busbars contained in a full-length insulator mounted on one side of the interior wall.

Busbar Design

Starline Track Busway’s continuous open-channel access design supports the safe and fast installation of plug-in units at the exact point where power is needed. The system can be customized for any requirement by use of straights, tees, and elbow sections.

Plug-In Unit Design

Starline’s unique twist-in-lock design for plug-in units ensure the fastest and most reliable installation. Offering virtually millions of combinations, plug-in units are customizable to meet any environment, space, or power requirements.

Mounting Options

A large selection of hangers and brackets allow users to mount the busway to optimize space utilization in new or existing facilities. Optional accessories allow users to mount equipment such as cameras, lighting, and sensors.

Visit the Starline website to learn more about the T3 series and access additional product literature.

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