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USB Wall Outlets and Charging Stations

Life gets busy -- so smartphones, tablets and other handheld electronics can't lose battery. To keep devices charged, Legrand offers an extensive range of USB power outlets for anywhere people go. Explore a wide variety of solutions for commercial and residential spaces, including corporate offices, hotels, apartments and homes, and even outdoor spaces. Legrand helps people stay in touch, on task and ready for memorable moments, by providing the connections they need…everywhere.

Featured Solutions

Raise the bar on USB charging -- in every environment -- with solutions designed to meet any need. Including spec and hospital grade outlet options, first-of-its-kind wireless design, industry-leading speeds and even solar powered kits, Legrand’s USB charger outlets and power centers are ready to go anywhere you do.

Charge the latest smartphones and tablets up to 2X faster with future-proof USB Type-C/C Outlets that combine industry-leading amperage with advanced Power Delivery to safely maximize charging speeds.

Now all the power you need is right where you need it.

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