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Monitor Your Data Center with Plug-and-play Sensors

Our comprehensive set of SmartSensors monitors your data center’s environment to gain valuable insight into your operations and stay informed about environmental and security hazards that could impact your IT hardware. Available models monitor temperature, humidity, airflow, differential air pressure, water/leaks, dust/particles, contact closures, proximity/motion, and vibration. Whether you're managing a colocation, micro data center, or a small server room’s white space, our SmartSensors are the perfect solution for efficient operation management.

SmartSensors Key Benefits:

  • Thermal Management - With environmental sensors you can check temperature, airflow and differential pressure to prevent hot spots and bypass air recirculation.
  • Increased Uptime - Improve uptime and remediate critical risks by receiving real-time alerts of potential threats in your environment before they cause an issue.
  • Cost Savings - Improve the energy efficiency of your data center by monitoring the inside and outside temperature for free cooling opportunities.

Our global team of environmental sensors experts is here to support your unique requirements. Connect with us today to inquire or request a quote regarding our SmartSensor solutions.

Specifications & Features

High Accuracy and Reliability

SmartSensors are designed with the latest, most advanced metering components to prolong their lifespan, improve reliability, and ensure it runs efficiently

Dual RJ45 Connectors

Dual RJ45 connectors ease the installation and servicing of sensor packages without rewiring the rack or daisy chain, saving on time and maintenance costs.

Easy to Deploy

SmartSensors are plug-and-play ready with Raritan® and Server Technology® Xerus enabled power management devices making it easy to install and deploy without disrupting operations.

Supports Customization

Offering the highest flexibility of deployment, SmartSensors can be cascaded in a single bus/string architecture to easily instrument entire rows of your data center with different types of sensors.

Resources & Downloads

Visit Raritan's website to request a demo to schedule a time with a product expert and see our environmental sensors in action.

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