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Legrand Server and Network Cabinets

Legrand is a global provider of data center server and network cabinets, providing fully enclosed racks with side panels, front and rear doors, and roofs. We offer the most flexible cabinet and rack solutions designed to meet the needs of the most demanding environments. 

With the most frame styles available in either tubular steel, aluminum, or sheet metal, our cabinets and racks provide an industry-leading standard in load capacities up to 5,000 lbs. With the most extensive array of sizes ranging from 42-52RU, heights of 600mm to 813mm (23.62" to 32"), and depths of 36" to 54", providing server and network cabinets that meet any specific requirements. 

With such a diverse product category, which includes fully customizable cabinets built from the ground up, rack and stack cabinets shipped with equipment pre-loaded, configure-to-order short lead times with stocked components. We have a cabinet solution for any environment, from enterprise and hyperscale data centers, collocations, IT closets, and edge locations. Our turnkey manufacturing facilities offer complete fabrication from raw metal to assembly. Our customers enjoy shorter shipping distances and lead times with facilities on the East and West coast.

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Key Benefits

  • Flexibility – With over 750 components and accessories, our cabinets can be modified to meet any application.
  • Customization – For the most demanding or unique requirements, our cabinet platforms can be purpose-built to suit each facility's requirements.
  • Shorter Lead Times - Legrand has multiple manufacturing facilities in North America, shortening the distance to the data center.
  • Faster Deployment – “Rack and Stack” compatible cabinets allow for the shipment of fully populated cabinets from integrators, decreasing onsite installation requirements.
  • “White Glove” Service - Our Field Sales Engineers are responsible for all technical aspects of the sales cycle, ensuring that clients’ needs are met.

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