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Track Busway T1 Series by Starline

Starline’s T1 series is a compact, lightweight system designed to support lighting and small load requirements in retail stores, commercial buildings, or any facility that would benefit from flexibility and scalability in its power distribution system. The T1 busway can be configured to meet any facility requirement and provided in custom colors to blend seamlessly into the environment.

T1 Key Benefits:

  • Mixed-use power - The T1 series is an all-in-one power and lighting solution designed for environments that require a high level of flexibility.
  • Customization and Scalability - The system can be customized to unique applications while providing flexibility for future changes or expansions.
  • Reduced Costs – Starline Track Busway can be installed quickly and easily, reducing labor costs. The system is also maintenance free, lowering total cost of ownership.

Contact our product experts today to discuss how Starline's T1 Series can meet your specific power requirements.

T1 Specifications & Features

System Rating

The T1 series is rated at 40-60 amps, for continuous duty at 480 volts. The housing is available in 2 and 4-pole configurations. The system is UL and ETL listed to meet UL 857 standards.

Busbar Design

With its continuous open access channel and three-phase power, the busway design allows for quick and easy changes of power access points and lighting fixtures. By use of tees, elbows, and straight sections, the system can be customized to any layout.

Self-Supporting Housing

Starline’s T1 series incorporates grid support within its housing which means no additional support is required to hang the system. This reduces material waste and streamlines the installation of overhead power and lighting.

Track Lighting Adapter

Starline’s track lighting adapter is compatible with all third-party J-type track lighting fixtures and offers simple and fast installation while providing optimal plug-and-play functionality for future changes.

Visit the Starline website to learn more about the T1 series and access additional product literature.

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