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Legrand Aisle Containment

Separate the cold supply air from the hot exhaust air to improve airflow, deliver cost savings, and maximize your mechanical infrastructure's performance and reliability. Our innovative product portfolio offers containment solutions with the flexibility to adapt to any environment, from brownfield to greenfield applications.

Legrand Aisle Containment Key Benefits:

  • Increased Energy Efficiency – Managing your hot and cold aisle airflow allows for more efficient facility operations, providing additional cost savings now and in the future 
  • Improved Reliability – Improving thermal management helps deliver a predictable operating environment that increases equipment reliability.
  • Flexibility – Legrand’s Aisle Containment products are customizable, creating a solution to fit your specific application.
  • Visibility - Light transmission and aisle visibility are two key requirements for any data center. Legrand containment offers multiple material options to best address the environment.

Are you interested in learning how Legrand cabinets can be customized for your unique needs? Talk to the experts at Legrand.

The Contain-IT FLEX containment solution offers a modular design that adapts to your specific needs in any Brownfield or Greenfield applications. It maximizes efficiency while creating a predictable operating environment that increases equipment reliability.

Sliding end-of-row doors are available for cabinets up to 52U high and aisles that are between three to six feet wide. Sealing the ends of aisles with doors is critical in preventing recirculation between the hot and cold aisles, particularly in the end-of-row cabinets.

Pre-Fabricated Containment

Legrand’s engineered-to-order aisle containment systems provide a full complement of airflow and cable management accessories to deliver more customization and control for any data center infrastructure need

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