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Rack Management Solutions

Legrand offers a wide range of rack-based solutions that help manage your critical IT devices at the rack level in data centers and mission-critical facilities. These solutions include an array of sensors and smart door locks, asset management tags, and tools to serve as the central connection point for these assets. Our rack management solutions are plug-and-play compatible with select Raritan® and Server Technology® rack power management devices.

Rack Management Key Benefits:

  • Environmental Monitoring - Recognize hot spots, cool equipment, prevent costly downtime, maintain data center security, and receive real-time environment alerts.
  • Improved Physical Security - Deliver audited and controlled access to sensitive IT assets through a networked and intelligent electronic door access and control system.
  • Time Savings - Automate IT asset tracking to better understand exactly what assets you have and where they are located.
  • Real-Time Data - Address the gaps in instrumenting a data center’s white space with all-in-one intelligent devices that collect and deliver real-time, actionable data.

Connect with us today to inquire or request a quote regarding our environmental sensors, smart door locks, asset tags & sensors and other rack-based solutions.

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