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Finance Early in Career Development Program

Positions are specifically selected for each individual to broaden their financial skills and experiences in preparation for future financial leadership roles. Accompanying training opportunities will offer program participants the opportunity to develop leadership skills in preparation for future leadership positions.

Onboarding begins in West Hartford, CT.


Associates will have two, 12-month assignments at various locations. Positions will be assigned to broaden each associate’s experience in areas such as general accounting, financial analysis and planning, forecasting, cost accounting and controls.

Ongoing Mentoring

Associates are mentored and trained to learn valuable skills, such as supervisory and change-management techniques, strategic thinking, data-driven decision- making, and collaboration and teamwork.

Your Next Promotion

Upon successful completion of the program, associates will be assigned to a finance position in a LNCA location—and poised to contribute at a leadership level to the corporation.

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