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Sustainable products start with transparency

Transparency is coming to the forefront of the product selection and specification process. Leading building sustainability performance mechanisms, such as LEED® and the Living Building Challenge, drive demand for increased product transparency and create incentives for manufacturers to improve their manufacturing operations, product design, and supplier relationships.

At Legrand, we are actively integrating sustainability into these processes so we can proudly contribute power, light and data solutions to your High Performance Building.

We are committed to reducing the energy and water used and waste generated in our operations, to holding our suppliers accountable to our Environmental Material Requirements Policy, and to publishing Environmental Product Declarations (in the form of Product Environmental Profiles) for our products.

Legrand uses iconography to communicate the eco-information associated with our products. Below are the definitions of the icons you will see on our product pages.
LEED Contribution
Legrand products can contribute to over 30 LEED® points depending on the project’s priorities. Use of these products does not guarantee LEED certification, credits, or prereqs.
Explore our LEED Resource Center
A Product Environmental Profile (PEP) has been completed for this product or product family. A PEP is a Type III Environmental Product Declaration. Visit our Resource Library for additional information and access to Legrand's PEPs.
Download our PEPs
This product conforms to the material restrictions of Article 4 of the RoHS Directive recast (2011/65/EU). Legrand is striving to bring 100% of our products into material conformity with this Directive.
WELL Contribution
Legrand products can contribute to over 10 features within the WELL® system, depending on the project’s priorities. Use of these products does not guarantee WELL Certification, prereq features or optimization features.