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Sustainability Tools and Resources

Legrand has learned some important lessons on our journey toward sustainability, and we have turned some of those into free, downloadable resources you may find useful.

As we have worked to anticipate and understand the forces reshaping the built environment, we have also gained a foundation of information and experience in High Performance Buildings. We invite you to explore this knowledge base through our ongoing series of white papers and reports. 

Legrand LEED® Certification Case Study - West Hartford, CT

In February 2018, Legrand, North and Central America's headquarters became LEED Certified. As a result, the LEED project team has produced a case study to share best practices and challenges.


High Performance Buildings: White Papers and Reports

The Critical Role of Electrical and Digital Infrastructure White Paper
The newest HPB white paper discusses how to achieve the full promise of high performance buildings in today’s digital world.
This white paper, the first in our series, explains the critical need for HPBs in today's built environment.
The second in our series of HPB white papers reviews the many performance mechanism at work in the building market today.
The third in our series of HPB white papers presents 5 major design principles for electrical infrastructure which can help bring your HPB vision to life.
The last white paper identifies and analyzes the gaps and evolution in all attributes of high performance building in the market today.
LEED® with Legrand Guide

Legrand's LEED Product Guide showcases the totality of our offering to support your LEED 2000 or LEED v4 new construction project.


Employee Engagement Tools

Trash Madness Toolkit
Trash Madness is an internal bracket style challenge designed to improve recycling behavior through friendly competition. Download the toolkit to get started.
Power Down Day Toolkit
Learn how to get engage your employees through an energy efficiency event that demonstrates how much energy your company can save in just one day.
Energy Marathon Toolkit 2.0
Ready to tackle employee energy behaviors on a grander scale? Download the Energy Marathon Toolkit to see how much energy your organization can save in 26.2 days.

Program Management Resources

Need sustainability direction? Download our Energy Management Handbook shows you how it's done, step by step.
Unsure how to organize for sustainability? This tool shows how to links sustainability to your business structure your sustainability team, and more. Download now!
Our Project Evaluation Tool helps you weigh all of the costs and benefits of energy efficiency projects ranging from reducing your energy use and greenhouse gas emissions to making productivity improvements.
What are the challenges and benefits to installing submeters in your facility? This white paper details our journey and offers guidance in employing this energy management strategy. 

Project Evaluation Tool

There's real meaning behind the icons you see on Legrand Web pages. We substantiate every sustainability claim we make.
Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)
We provide increased transparency by having the life-cycle environmental impacts of many of our products verified by PEP ecopassport®.
Sustainability Built In
Download this one-sheet to learn more about Legrand's three tiered approach to sustainability to support our associates, customers, and the environment.
Building Owner's Toolkit
Featuring instructions for building owners on how they can use NEMA member products, like Legrand's, to improve the efficiency of their properties.