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One Room Challenge: Colorful Kitchen Reveal

Blogger Leslie of completed the One Room Challenge in her new kitchen. She accented her colorful back splash with brushed brass wall plates from the adorne collection. 

Read more from Leslie below: 

Finishing the One Room Challenge is just like finishing a marathon…except that you’ve used up every favour from every human you know in order to run it, and you’re left with a dreamy space after instead of the soarest feet on earth…otherwise it’s exactly the same…I definitely cried at like two points which is totally like a marathon. lol…but seriously.

Hmmm how can I explain this kitchen. It’s not a style I don’t think but it is a feeling. I wanted to create a kitchen that felt like it could be in our family for a really long time and that it belonged to us. I wanted it to feel like us.

To see the results, continue reading on Leslie's blog >

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