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Light Switches & Dimmers

Light years ahead of a toggle or decorator switch, adorne light switches and dimmers are available in seven different styles, allowing you to choose the perfect interface for your life.

  • Paddle™ Switch: The Paddle features a wide, graceful curve that turns lights on and off with a simple up-and-down rocker motion. Available with a complementary dimmer.

  • Whisper™ Switch: This design combines elegant lines with a quiet, fluid on/off motion. You could call it an upgraded mix between your toggle and decorator switch, but much quieter. Available with a complementary dimmer.

  • Push™ Switch: A simple push-button turns lights on and off. Control your lights by pressing the square until you hear the subtle click.

  • sofTap™ Switch: The sofTap switch is designed with an innovative micro-movement that turns lights on and off with only a soft tap of the finger. Available with a complementary dimmer.

  • SensaSwitch™: An energy-saving sensor turns lights on and off when someone enters and exits a room. Also available in Manual-ON / Auto-OFF and Manual-ON / Timed-OFF formats, as well as with a complementary SensaDimmer™.

  • Touch™ Switch: Features a stunning translucent,glass-like face that operates with the latest touch technology: Simply touch the circle to turn lights on and off, just like an iPhone. Available with a complementary dimmer.

  • Wave™ Switch: Smart technology turns lights on and off with a simple wave of the hand. No need to touch the switch here!


Wall Plates

adorne wall plates are available in one through four gang sizes and include dozens of finish options. Select plates are available in 5- and 6-gang sizes.

  • Cast Metals: adorne offers eight hand-crafted cast metal plates in finishes, such as satin nickel, oil-rubbed bronze and brushed stainless steel.

  • Hubbardton Forge® line: What happens when you combine a 6,000 year-old art of blacksmithing with leading edge, touch-sensitive technology? The Hubbardton Forge line by Legrand is a collection of lustrous metal plates, forged by fire to make adorne's simply elegant switches and outlets a perfect match with Hubbardton Forge's rich array of metal textures and finishes. Pair these plates with their fixtures for a seamless design in your home.

  • Real Materials: From authentic materials like French Oak to contemporary plates in mirror black-or-white and even brushed stainless, adorne real material plates add a unique touch of style to your remodel.

  • Plastics: adorne includes numerous vivid plastic plate colors in finishes such as pale blue and graphite to soft touch russet and bold turquoise.

  • Custom & Paintable: Want to make your switch disappear? Select an adorne custom plate, which can be covered with wallpaper, fabric or paint to fade into the wall.


The collection also includes a new take on outlets, including redesigned square tamper-resistant outlets, ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCIs) and USB charging outlets.

In addition, adorne features the Pop-Out™ Outlet. Simply push on the square face and pop out three outlets. Then, push the face back in for a clean, hidden finish.


adorne outlet

Night Lights

Tired of plain, old nightlights that plug into existing outlets?

Select an Accent Nightlight to enjoy a beautiful wash of light below your adorne light switch or a classic nightlight that easily integrates with your other adorne products and allows you to choose multiple brightness levels.

Or, try the adorne Portable Nightlight / Flashlight — an incredibly innovative product that acts as a nightlight when it’s in the wall, but then easily pops out when you push on it — transforming into a flashlight. It even charges while it’s in the wall, providing a perfect solution during a power outage.

Under-Cabinet Lighting & Power

The adorne Under-Cabinet Lighting & Power System offers power galore without a single outlet in sight. Plug in LED under-cabinet lights to make the dark places shine. Relocate under-cabinet outlets, lights, speakers, iPhone and iPad cradles to kill kitchen clutter.

App-Based Lighting Systems

Enjoy the living space of the future without rewiring the entire house. adorne Wi-Fi Lighting Systems feature devices that "talk" to each other and you can control wirelessly. Now, you can create lighting scenes that put your home in the very best light. Enjoy the sofTap and Touch devices in your Smart Home remodel.

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