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Under-Cabinet Lighting


Control Boxes
Modular Tracks
Every cabinet lighting system needs a power source. Explore the options, including customizable control boxes, direct-to-outlet wire connectors, and more.
APCB4 Blank 1G
A control box to power your under-cabinet system that can be customized with your choice of device(s).
Available In:
Starting at $41.08CAD
APCB1 Paddle Dimmer
A control box to power your under-cabinet system that comes with a Paddle Dimmer Switch.
Available In:
Starting at $97.98CAD
APCB6 Paddle Dimmer Outlet
A control box to power your under-cabinet system equipped with a Paddle Dimmer Switch and GFCI outlet.
Available In:
Starting at $144.97CAD
Plug In Control Box
A convenient control box alternative that can be plugged right in to an existing outlet.
Available In:
Starting at $54.28CAD
A control box alternative that fits seamlessly into the modular track and is powered directly from in-wall wiring.
Available In:
Starting at $54.48CAD
Modular tracks that clear clutter off your backsplash, and can be customized and changed with different modules whenever needed. Explore multiple length and corner options.
APMT12 12 Inch Track
An under-cabinet track that clears countertop clutter with one outlet and one blank module. Comes in multiple lengths.
Available In:
Starting at $78.98CAD
APME18 Track Extender
A track extender that allows you to fit your system to your kitchen and can be cut to any length.
Available In:
Starting at $65.58CAD
APCC Corner Connector
A component that connects two tracks across a right-angle corner for total kitchen customization.
Available In:
Starting at $32.78CAD
Short Modular Track
An under-cabinet track designed to fit smaller cabinet sections.
Available In:
Starting at $74.98CAD
Cabinet lighting that clears up countertop clutter and illuminates your entire workspace.
LED Linear Light
An under-counter lighting option to illuminate countertops without taking up space.
Starting at $85.28CAD
LED Light Extender
An extender that allows LED Linear Lights to be mounted farther from the backsplash to give your LED cabinet lighting more reach.
Starting at $12.88CAD
Outlet, USB, and device modules that clear backsplash and countertop space, and swap out easily for total convenience.
APTR15 Outlet
An under-cabinet module that clears countertops with two standard outlets.
Available In:
Starting at $24.68CAD
A module that conveniently adds two USB outlets to your under-cabinet space.
Available In:
Starting at $62.58CAD
AAPC Phone Cradle
An under-cabinet module that conveniently cradles smartphone devices off of countertops.
Available In:
Starting at $24.68CAD
AATC Tablet Cradle
An under-cabinet module that conveniently cradles tablet devices off of countertops.
Available In:
Starting at $32.78CAD
Digital Music Kit
A two-speaker system that can be mounted off countertops for clutter-free, high-performance sound.
Available In:
Starting at $433.68CAD
Under-Cabinet DIY Kit
The DIY Starter Kit includes the main components needed to update your kitchen. Including: the Plug-In Control, 18" Track, 12" Track, an additional tamper-resistant outlet, and a tablet cradle.
Under-Cabinet Pro Kit
The Pro Kit includes the main components you need to kick-off your kitchen update.  Including: the adorne control box with the paddle dimmer, 18" Track, 12" Track, an additional tamper-resistant outlet, and a tablet cradle.
Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about other adorne collection products? Check out our full FAQ here.

How many LED lights can I use on a 12" or 18" Modular Track?

The 12" and 18" Modular Tracks each include two module spaces.  Each module space can connect to one LED light.  However, we recommend using one LED light for every 18" of track. 

Can I use the system with cabinets under 12"?

Yes.  We offer a 10" modular track that can be cut down to 8".

Does the system offer a corner connection for a 45-degree corner cabinet?

No.  We do not currently offer a 45-degree corner connection.  However, the Direct Wire Connector could be used to continue the same circuit.

What Control Box do I need?

We offer five hard-wired adorne Control Boxes and one Plug-In Control Box.  If you are installing a system in an existing kitchen and are planning to leave the existing outlets on the backsplash, the Plug-In Control Box simplifies installation and is an optimal choice.  However, if you want to remove all outlets from the backsplash, a hard-wired option is a better fit.

1. Control Box with Paddle Dimmer - This 1-gang box includes a dimmer to control the system lights.

2. Control Box with Paddle Dimmer and 15A GFCI - This 2-gang box includes a dimmer and a GFCI.

3. 1-Gang Control Box - This box allows you to add a device of your choosing.

4. 2-Gang Control Box - This box allows you to add two devices of your choosing.

5. Direct Wire Connector - This item allows you to control your lighting from a wall switch and enables your system to have a consistent look under your cabinets.