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Experience Effortlessly Precise Shading Control

Legrand's shading solutions create a bridge between occupants and the building they work, learn, or heal in. Our shading controls are precise and programmable, seamlessly integrating with Wattstopper lighting controls for a fully comprehensive solution. We simplify designing spaces that foster productivity, reduce energy costs and meet building sustainability standards.

Shades that move to your schedule

Experience the convenience, sustainability, and safety of our Motorized Shades. Program your shades to lower during peak sunlight to save on cooling and reduce glare. Raise your shades to allow natural light and reduce energy usage. For total lighting optimization, pair your Motorized Shades with Wattstopper controls.

Our Shades, Your Control

Give occupants complete control of natural light with our Manual Shades. Choose affordability, design flexibility, and simplicity while experiencing energy efficiency and cost savings without compromising on convenience. Elevate your space effortlessly with our versatile shading solution.

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