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Rugged and Spacious with Faster Deployment Time

The T6 cabinet platform is perfect for “Rack and Stack” applications that require an extremely robust and durable enclosure with an additional 20% of rear cable and PDU mounting space in 24” wide applications. The fully welded, tubular steel frame provides a 4,000 static load rating and is certified ISTA 3B for loaded equipment transportation of 3,000 lbs.

Key Benefits:

  • More Usable Working Space - The Integral PCM increases the useable area at the rear of the servers by 20% with an additional 2.5" of space on the outside of the EIA mounting rails. Data center operators can continue to utilize a 24" wide cabinet to optimize floor space and meet today's evolving technologies.
  • Rack And Stack Packaging Solution - The T6 cabinet is perfect for "Rack and Stack" applications in which cabinets are preloaded with equipment and shipped fully configured. Specially designed shock pallets, loading ramps, shipping sleeves, and wooden crate options are available.
  • Longevity And Strength - The fully welded, tubular steel frame design provides longevity and strength with a UL static load rating of 4,000 lbs. and a best-in-class dynamic load rating of 3,000 lbs.
  • Future-Proof - The future-proof design allows it to be used as a server and a network cabinet and comes containment ready with a vendor-agnostic build. Toolless accessories can be added in a live environment, providing flexibility for future upgrades.

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T6 Cabinets Specifications & Features

Tubular Steel Frame

The T6 cabinet offers six 1" steel tube vertical support posts, a massive upgrade from traditional cabinets’ bent sheet metal. This fully welded, tubular steel frame design delivers rigidity and strength with a UL static load rating of 4,000 lbs., providing a robust and versatile platform that can be outfitted to meet even the most demanding applications.

Integrated Power And Cable Management Mounting

Power Cable Management (PCM) brackets help support the demand for high-density applications, which includes high capacity, larger PDUs, and extensive power cabling by fully welding the brackets directly to the frame. T6's extra pair of vertical posts provide the perfect anchor point for the welded PCM channel.

Cabinet And Airflow Accessories

The T6 cabinet offers a wide variety of airflow and cable management accessories that may be factory configured to your exact specifications or shipped separately for field installation. The factory configurated accessories help improve deployment time by providing a ready-to-go cabinet when it arrives.

Top Panel

The T6 cabinet offers a top panel design to accommodate cable access from front, center, and rear portals. All cable openings are designed to protect data and power cables from sharp edges, while "self-filling" voids to prevent bypass airflow. Extra-large openings are available to accommodate high amperage, pin and sleeve style power connectors.

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