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Clever Kitchen Outlets and Where to Put Them

Upgrading your kitchen's electrical outlets can elevate how your space looks... and how you use it.

March 21, 2022
Put a Pop-Out Outlet at the counter for simultaneous mixing, blending and more.

Unless you are fully committed to a minimalist lifestyle (or perhaps an avid patron of Uber Eats ), you likely have several small kitchen appliances at home. Air fryers, instant pots, crockpots, food processors, coffee makers, toasters, waffle irons... you get the idea. 

All these tools are great for saving time or effort in the kitchen. Not so great for saving space. But a pop out or pop up counter outlet can help. 

For starters, the adorne Pop-Out Outlet fits three plugs simultaneously, helping you use appliances in a designated area, instead of having to spread them out just to find open outlets. 

Even better though, the coolest feature of this unique outlet is that it is designed to be visible, or pop-out, only when you need it. With a gentle push, it "disappears" back into the wall whenever it's not in use.  So, for those with the storage space to tuck the blender away in between smoothies, you can have cleaner, less cluttered counters and a sleeker look for the entire space.

The Pop-Out Outlet can easily replace most standard outlets, in as little as 15 minutes, using common household tools. Making this upgrade a DIY kitchen project you can tackle in less than an afternoon.
Install a GFCI Outlet with Night Light by the sink for safety with a side of illumination.

When it comes to meeting National Electrical Code (and keeping you and your family safe from electric shock), GFCI outlets are really the stars of the show. The electrical code for kitchens (as well as bathrooms, laundry rooms, basements, etc.) require a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) to be used for outlets in proximity to water sources like sinks. The easiest way to achieve this is with a GFCI outlet. 

But with the variety of GFCI outlet options available today, you can gain more than the basic ground-fault protection.  This GFCI from the radiant Collection self-tests itself every 3 seconds for more reliable protection, while also featuring a built-in night light -- a convenient feature for late night snacks (or glasses of water).
Add a USB Outlet on the island for convenient power and USB charging. 

Perfect for meal prepping, extra storage or just gathering guests around to snack and chat, kitchen islands sure do come in handy. 

But if you haven't already added a kitchen island outlet, you could be enhancing your island, and overall kitchen usage, with this simple upgrade.

In-island outlets are great for using some of those small appliances previously mentioned, but, even better, you don't have to stop with traditional power. Opting to include an outlet with built-in USB ports means you can charge (or even quick charge) your phone or tablet more conveniently while listening to a playlist, double-checking a recipe, watching a YouTube clip on how to "fold in" cheese and so much more. 

No matter your kitchen's size or shape, or even what you use it for (there's no shame in take-out), the right outlet upgrade can add functionality, convenience, even a stylish touch. Explore our full range of designer outlets from the adorne and radiant Collections to find your kitchen's perfect match.

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