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Interior Design Trends 2022

Home Décor Inspiration and Ideas for a New Year

November 30, 2021

As we all look to another new year, many are also beginning to plan for updates – big and small – they hope to make over the coming months to that most sacred of spaces: The Home.

Whether that means pulling together a list of winter weekend projects or drafting an early wish-list for those summer renovations, we have the 2022 trend report to inspire beautiful ideas.


Maybe it is easy being green? For stunning, of-the-moment interiors, at least. 

With many of the leading brands in interior paint selecting shades of green for their Color of the Year, it’s never been easier, or more on-trend, to bring this hue into the home. Check out our full overview of the paint picks (and the complementary wall plates to pair them with) in this post

Sage and olive tones not your thing? No worries! The Colors of the Year palette from Valspar includes something for everybody with 12 featured shades. Choose from elevated neutrals like Gilded Linen and Fired Earth, which both pair well with darker fixtures, devices and wall plates in graphite or the still very popular oil-rubbed or dark bronzes. Or you could go a little bolder on the walls with sunnier shades like Sunset Curtains or Country Charm, both of which do well with warmer metal accents and hardware, like this adorne Wall Plate in Brushed Satin Brass.  

And while we’re on the topic paint color, it’s also important to note that you don’t have to commit to an entire room, or even an entire wall, to incorporate new shades into your space. Painted interior doors, frames and trims are trending right now, allowing you to introduce interesting contrast and fresh colors in a more contained and subtle way.

When it comes to adding texture and personality to your home, a fun way to stay on-trend is to hit up a local estate sale or antiques shop. With shipping delays and supply shortages touching nearly every industry, heirlooms and antiques are having a surge in popularity. It can take some careful perusing to find the perfect piece, but with backorders and delivery waiting periods extending out for months, many folks are more than willing to put in an afternoon of second-hand hunting to bring home a quality bureau, dining table, statement lamp or painting that very day. You can also try websites like 1st Dibs, Everything But the House or even Etsy, to search for stylish vintage pieces from the comfort of home. Use terms like “mid-century modern,” “art deco,” “Neo-Victorian” or “70s chic” to start narrowing the results to what best aligns to your personal preferences, while also practicing the most eco-friendly way to shop there is. Reuse, recycle!  Plus, if you have any DIY or artistic inclinations, restoring pieces can be as much about an enjoyable hobby as it is about good design.
Also, still trending in the texture department: natural and organic materials. In recent years we’ve seen an increased emphasis on creating calming, zen-like spaces within the home and houseplants, as well as natural fibers and finishes, have been consistently used to bring balance and tranquility. You can integrate this trend into your home in an almost infinite number of ways, so perhaps start by considering options like statement stone for counters or tiling in the kitchen or bath; indoor trees and oversized plants for an honest-to-goodness living design element; or the use of rougher and untreated woods in decorative yet unexpected ways, such as open storage for firewood, sculptural driftwood as art or even wall plates for your light switches or outlets.

Perfect for injecting personality, fun, optimism, even a little whimsy, into any room, bright and bold patterns are trending in all manner of ways for 2022. From botanical to globally-inspired bohemian, opting to include a striking pattern through curtains and tapestries, throw pillows and accent rugs, wall coverings and wallpaper, maybe even all of the above, is a great way to keep your home up with current styles.

Additionally, art deco patterns in particular continue to be noteworthy. First popularized in the1920s, the art deco style came on the heels of WWI and brought with it lively feelings of relief and glamour. Patterns within this trend are characterized by modern, geometric shapes – from diamond check to herringbone  – as well as the elegance of exaggerated curves, like sunbursts or overlapping palms. 

Lastly, when we talk about the design trends for composition – the more structural components and arrangements that physically make a space what it is – we see several existing trends aim to kick it up a notch in 2022. 

All the time spent at home in recent years has obviously placed enormous significance on comfortable, utilitarian design. The prioritization of durability alongside aesthetics shows itself with the popularity of marble for tabletops or bathroom vanities.   The continued emphasis on flexibility and multi-purpose spaces is also leading to more options for convertible or configurable furniture, like expanding coffee tables, shelves that slide to hide or reveal the television, and sectional sofas that can be moved into a variety of setups to accommodate changing needs.

Lastly, making the most of natural lighting through doors and windows is a big trend that has mood and productivity enhancing benefits on top of visual appeal. While it can be a great design factor in any type of room, home offices and remote working spaces especially can get a boost from this feature. As more and more people transition to working from home in a long-term or indefinite capacity, many home offices have already progressed from make-shift to permanent, and are now moving toward optimization. That means focusing on the details within the space that can inspire and even recharge you (whether that means your mind or your devices) throughout the day. And a nice view can just about always do the trick. 

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