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How to Move an Electrical Outlet:

Meet the 30-minute DIY home project that lets you put power where you want it.

July 7, 2021


So, outlets are all about power access, right. That’s basically their one job. But haven’t we all had a power outlet that wasn’t actually easy to, you know, access?

The one where you kneel on the floor, arm wedged uncomfortably between furniture and wall, struggling blindly to reach an outlet that’s hiding behind the bed, dresser, nightstand, etc.

Maybe you’ve already tried to work around this hassle with a long, bulky extension cord stretched along the floor – which eliminates the amateur contortionist act whenever you need to plug something in, but doesn’t look great, might be a tripping hazard and seems to attract dust bunnies at an absurd rate.

Or maybe you’ve sacrificed putting your furniture where you want it, just to leave space to plug in your phone charger every day without pulling a muscle. 

If any of these scenarios sound familiar to you, I think we can agree that it shouldn’t have to be this hard to access power in your own home.

And now, it isn’t. 

The new radiant® In-Wall Outlet Relocation Kit is here to let you put power access where you want it. DIY-friendly, the kit extends power from that original hard-to-reach outlet and routs it neatly behind the wall, before finishing off with a new, designer outlet added in a more convenient location. No electrician required – just you, a few tools, and about 30 minutes of your time. 

1.    To start, gather the household tools you’ll need:
    •    Pencil
    •    Screwdriver
    •    Measuring Tape
    •    Fishing Tape (or comparable wire pulling tool) 
    •    Drywall Saw

2.    Then it’s time to determine your new, designer Outlet’s placement. The kit allows you to shift power up to 4’ vertically and 6’ horizontally from the Original Outlet, letting you easily put the new outlet at a more convenient height or distance from any large or heavy furniture. Note that you’ll also want to install the new, designer Outlet on a spot between wall studs.  Once you’ve measured (twice) and selected your placement, use the pencil to mark what will be the center of the cut-in you will make to fit the new, designer Outlet.

3.    A second cut-in will also be needed for the installation, that aligns with both the Original Outlet and the new, designer Outlet’s placement. Measure (twice) and mark the center of this cut-in with the pencil as well. 
4.    At each of the marked places, use the drywall saw to cut a rectangular hole that is 2-5/16" wide x 3-3/4" high.

5.    It’s fish tape time! Insert it at the lower* of the two holes you’ve just cut, then guide it up until it emerges from the upper hole. 

*Note: For installations that are exclusively extending power horizontally, the secondary cut-in/hole will be positioned between the Original Outlet and your new, designer Outlet. All instructions/references for the lower hole apply to the center hole/cut-in for exclusively horizontal installations. 

6.    Take the Power Harness wire (which is attached to the Upper Module) and at the wire just above the plug, hook or tape it to the fish tape at the upper hole. Then pull on the fish tape from the lower hole to guide the wire through the wall until the plug of the Power Harness emerges from the lower hole. Secure the Upper Module into the hole by tightening the mounting screws until snug. 

7.    Moving on to the Bottom Module, prepare it for installation by removing the screws holding on the back cover, and then removing the cover itself. Then insert the Bottom Module into its Mounting Frame and secure it with the provided screws. 

8.    Plug in the Power Harness at the back of the Bottom Module, and then reattach the back cover with its screws.
9.    Place the Bottom Module in the lower hole and install it into the wall by tightening the mounting screws until snug.  

10.    Screw on the Wall Plate Mounting Brackets for both the Upper and Bottom Modules, and then simply snap the sleek radiant® Wall Plate for each into place. 

11.    Finally, plug the provided power cord into both your Original Outlet and the Bottom Module to fully connect your new, designer outlet and complete the power extension process. 

12.    Rearrange furniture as you like, even flush to the wall at the Original Outlet and Bottom Module, and start accessing your power with greater convenience, ease and style!

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