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A Light Makeover with Legrand’s Modern Switches and Matching Decorative Switch Plates 

Brightening up a space with designer switches and outlets from the adorne® Collection.

October 07, 2016
When it comes to interior design, attention to detail makes all the difference. Integrating designer switches and outlets can take your room from ordinary to extraordinary. Orlando Soria, interior designer and founder of Hommemaker, brightened up his space with modern and stylish devices from the adorne® Collection.

Read more about Orlando’s latest redesign below:

Dear Detail Obsessed People,

If you asked me the most pressing issues I faced while designing Orcondo, light switches and outlets would likely not be among them. However, after moving in, I started thinking it might be a good idea to add light switches and outlets that jive more with the condo’s modern vibe. So when I came across Legrand, a company that produces beautiful, modern switches and outlets, I was like “GET IN MY HOUSE.” What I’ve noticed over the years designing is that it’s sometimes the smallest details that people notice. Most commonly, it’s things they touch. Like faucets in the guest bathroom, the door handle on the front door, and light switches. The wall could be made out of rotting plastic, but if you have a distinctive piece of hardware (or in this case, a light switch), your guest’s eyes will immediately divert to that. They’ll be all “Cute light switch!” not noticing that your ceiling literally just caved in as they walked in the door. JUST KIDDING. So I decided to swap out the existing contractor-grade light switches and outlets for more exciting options from Legrand’s adorne Collection.

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