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Perfect Patio & Pool Makeover Inspiration for RIGHT NOW

Big and small, here are ideas for fantastic outdoor remodels.

August 19, 2019
From DIY projects you can squeeze into a weekend, to professional renovations you can plan for the off season, here is some inspiration for upgrading your backyard oasis:

Patio Makeover Inspiration
Pool Renovation Suggestions
Deck Update Ideas

If you love to entertain on the patio...

​​​​​​​1. Light your fire.

There’s something magical about sitting around a fire, and it can extend outside entertaining past the strictly “warmer” months. But consider a step up from the old standard fire pits with a natural gas fire table. Not only will this update give you a lot of variety to choose from in terms of style and price point, it’s also an easier-to-manage, often safer route than wood-burning alternatives.

Not willing to give up the wood fire smell? Then perhaps going with an actual outdoor fireplace could be the patio renovation for you. While a larger undertaking, this option can deliver both coziness and sophistication, becoming an aesthetic focal point of the entire space.

2. Get out of the kitchen…ish.

Set yourself up for a summer spent cooking and dining al fresco with the convenience of an outdoor kitchen. Many home improvement stores like Lowe’s have design tools or even basic plans available to get you started, or you can work with a professional contractor to develop a layout to fit your specific space, style and entertaining preferences.

Start with a quality grill and concrete counter space, then throw in a bit of storage and a working sink, or go for something more full-service that includes refrigeration and a stovetop or oven. No matter the scale, it’s going to make hosting that next family reunion or neighborhood barbeque a whole lot easier, and more enjoyable.

If you spend summers in (or by) the pool...

1. Put safety first.

If you are putting in a new pool, or are looking to structurally renovate one, prioritize safety as you plan the details. If you have little ones, a tiered design for the surrounding deck or patio remodel can create spatial barriers from the water’s edge and help corral playing children in areas that are easier to supervise.

Go slip-free in the pool area by selecting pavers or blocks that have the right texture, opting for those recommended for skid-resistance and durability.

Another crucial safety point: the use of ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) is required by National Electric Code when it comes to including electrical outlets anywhere where water can come into play. Obviously, pool areas fit that bill. While it’s a great idea to equip your poolside with accessible power, be sure to do so while meeting code and securing your own safety and convenience. Installing reliable outdoor GFCI outlets means you can relax, knowing your family is GFCI protected. The receptacles will cut power should a ground fault occur, thus eliminating the risk of electrocution while allowing you to reset things with a simple button press on the outlet in question.

2. Add water, water everywhere.

When it comes to water in your outdoor living space, the pool is honestly just the beginning. Adding an overlapping or adjacent spa pool or hot tub can transform a place of fun into a full-blown sanctuary.

Similarly, fountains can add a relaxing element, whether they flow into the pool or are just a nearby visual enhancement.

Lastly, whether you have a chlorine or saltwater pool, it can be best for your hair, skin and swimwear to give it a quick rinse between dips, even if you are just taking a short snack break. Installing an outdoor shower is a convenient way to take great care of yourself, and your guests, all summer long

If you want a deck (or porch) worth napping on...

​​​​​​​1. Get in the swing of things.

A classic porch swing is certainly charming, but the modern lounge swing is a true luxury. While available in a range of sizes, shapes and materials, all were designed to elevate lounging in outdoor locations. Fully reclining, properly pillowed, self-swinging – and you can even consider adding netting or adjustable shade curtains for additional bug and sun protection.

2. Plan for creature comforts.

Not only is it a great idea to include at least partial architectural shade on a deck – overhangs, canopies and roofs do a much better job than fabric umbrellas – it also gives you the opportunity to add additional temperature control measures, like a ceiling fan. Spending long summer afternoons outdoors is a recipe for fun and fond memories, so long as nobody gets heat stroke or sun poisoning. When making over your outdoor space, be sure to balance having fun in the sun with being made in the shade.

Additionally, even summer nights can get chilly. While it’s key to have ways to keep things cool and comfortable, it is also good to prepare your decks to add a little warmth. Including a tall outdoor electric heater is an unobtrusive way to keep the party going comfortably when the temperature drops, without sacrificing space.

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