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Easy Smart Tech Upgrades for Renters

Upgrade your rental with smart tech that can move on to your next place, whenever the time comes. 

November 19, 2019


Smart Speakers with Voice Assistants

To start smartening up your rented space, smart speakers with voice assistants — like Amazon’s Echo and Alexa products or Google Home — are a great foundation.

These cloud-based assistants help immediately grant a feeling of cohesive control and personalization. Whether it’s requesting the perfect song to get you going in the morning, or calling your mom to double check that family recipe while your hands are covered in dough, even at their simplest usage, voice assistants take many of the advantages of your smartphone to a new, whole-home level.

Even better though, the extensive compatibility of these devices means that most any other smart product you choose to include is going to integrate with your voice assistant easily. It’s honestly amazing what Alexa can do for you, so beginning with voice assistance isn’t just smart, it’s wise.

Smart Alarm Clocks

And in a similar vein, a smart alarm clock can be a fantastic choice for renters. These devices are customizable in ways that take some of the pain out of waking up, like setting gradual light and sound increases for a gentler alarm, or programming multiple alarms for different days to fit your individual routine. Also, smart alarm clocks like the Amazon Echo Show 5 give you voice assistant benefits as well, meaning you can use voice commands to review your schedule for the day, check the weather, get news updates and more.

Smart Light Plug-Ins

Another one of the easiest ways to include smart functionality in a rental is using plug-in options. After just a few minutes of simple setup through your Wi-Fi, options like plug-in switches can give you incredible app (and voice, via Google or Alexa) control of floor and table lamps, as well as some small appliances.

The Smart Plug-In Switch and Dimmer from the radiant® Collection are perfect examples. Not only do they allow for control of lights from anywhere — whether that means the couch when you are too comfy to get up, or the office after you realize you’ll be working late — they also give you the opportunity to create schedules. This is a great way to simplify morning routines by having lights turn on automatically, or getting a hands-free start at the ever-important coffee pot. Scheduled lights can also help you wind down and get ready for bedtime, with gradually dimming lights throughout the evening.

Smart Additions for Front Doors

The value of peace of mind cannot be overstated, so smart options that offer a sense of security for your rental are certainly worth considering.

One great way to do this is with a smart camera. Products like the Nest Cam Indoor can easily be set up for checking on your place while you are away, and will even send alerts to your phone based on motion detection.

The right smart lock can also be beneficial to include in your rental. Not all are conducive, but those that use the existing lock and keys, and are easy to install (and also remove), are usable for rented homes.

One such rental-friendly option is the August Smart Lock Pro. It allows for continued use of the issued keys and installs in as little as ten minutes, while adding enhanced control via your smartphone. Users are able to remotely check to make sure a door is fully shut and locked (an invaluable advantage after a hectic morning) and can enjoy convenient keyless unlocking through Bluetooth connection. Plus, this is another device that can be used with Alexa for voice control, so no more getting out of bed at night to double check the front door.

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