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Easy Integration of Privacy & Natural Light in South Vienna Ranch Home

Project Details:
Application Type: Residential
Location: South Vienna, Ohio
Project Scope: New construction
Designer: Just In Time Audio Video, LLC
​​​​​​​This ranch home situated in South Vienna, Ohio sits southeast of Lake Sylvan Dam, which is a cultural feature in Clark County. The home was completed in September 2018. The more than 5,100-square-foot property is a secondary home for the owners and boasts five bedrooms, 3.5 baths, three-car garage, recreation room, exercise room, swimming pool, and a patio that overlooks the lake at the backside of the property. It is fully automated and controlled by a main home control platform managing several systems from security, networking, climate, lighting, and shading.
The Challenge:
The homeowners wanted to incorporate shades throughout the entire home to provide the right amount of privacy and make the most of natural light. When choosing the solution, there were important criteria to meet. One criteria was that the shading system needed to integrate with the Control4 home automation platform. Another was that it needed to be simple to program based on factors such as occupancy, convenience, and security. For example, the ability to automatically raise and lower the shades to certain levels when the sun hits on the west side of the house and is at its brightest. And because the home was not the primary residence, shades could be programmed to come up or down to look like the home was occupied when not in use for security reasons. Finally, the shading system needed to have options regarding control types – manual to wireless – and fabrics to match the homeowners’ aesthetic preferences.

“We’ve always had a great experience with the simplicity and ease of use of QMotion solutions and that’s hard to come by.”

The Solution:
QMotion was chosen because the system could be easily integrated into the Control4 platform. It was easily programmable – simple to set schedules and create settings such as a vacation mode. QMotion also provided options for the homeowners from motorized and manual roller shades with a variety of a unique selection of elegant fabrics to meet any consideration and aesthetic. In this case, the homeowners opted for a more understated and neutral look. The option to position shades either by remote control or by manually moving the shade was an appealing feature for them. The homeowners picked automated shades for most of the windows in the home, which included wired and battery powered solutions, Qadvanced Intelligent System (QIS) hardwired motorized shades and ZigBee HA1.2 battery operated shades with two-way communication. Adding two-way communication allowed for feedback of the shade position with the Control app. Manual shades were reserved for the children’s bedrooms and guest rooms. The integrator was already very familiar with the QMotion system, so the installation and programming were seamless. It only took minutes to show installers how to set up the system. Per Justin Boyer, owner of Just In Time Audio Video, LLC, “We like to bring in products and solutions that work really well and that the homeowners are impressed with. We’ve always had a great experience with the simplicity and ease of use of QMotion solutions and that’s hard to come by. Any time savings is beneficial to the client and my business so that’s a win-win all around.”

Key Benefits:
  • ​​​​​​​Ease of installation, operation, and robust technical capabilities of shading system.
  • Convenience of full automation capabilities and two-way interface.
  • Motorized roller shades provide options to position shades either by automation system, remote or by manually moving the shade to a desired position. Features provide a better user experience by predetermining set intermediary positions as well as allowing the consumer to set custom intermediary positions.
  • Peace of mind as shades are certified by the Window Covering Manufacturers Association's Best for Kids Program for Safety.