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Outdoor Groundbox


Outdoor Ground Box

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See How It Survives A Hurricane
See how the Outdoor Ground Box survived 53 inches of water from Hurricane Harvey.
See How it Works
See how its “diving bell” design traps and maintains an air pocket, keeping connection points away from wet weather.
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Product Testing & Demonstration

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Alvin, Texas Outdoor Ground Box Case Study
53 inches of water? No problem.
The Outdoor Ground Box was put to the test with 53 inches of water from Hurricane Harvey and still worked.
Frequently Asked Questions
Have more questions? Check out our full FAQ here.
How does the ground box keep water out of the connection areas?
There are two main connection areas in the ground box. The first area is where the wires enter the box from the feed in the ground. These wires enter and connect inside a NEMA 6P (IP68) wiring enclosure — it has gasket seals and has been tested to perform under six feet of water for over 24 hours. The second area is in the cover. It has a diving bell (air pocket) design that traps air and maintains a constant air pressure — keeping water out of the connection area. It’s like turning an empty cup upside down and pushing it into a bucket of water — same concept.
If I have something plugged in and it starts raining, will the box be safe to use?
Yes, it will. The Legrand Outdoor Ground Box is the first “while in use” box on the market that is designed and UL listed to go into the ground and be safe to use even if unexpected weather moves in.
How does the box keep from filling up with water?
The box may fill with water — in fact, the box is designed to allow water to enter into it. Here’s the important part — it is also designed to keep water out of the connection areas with a NEMA 6P (IP68) wiring enclosure and the air pocket design.
Once the box fills up with water, how do you get the water out?
You don’t have to — a series of openings at the bottom of the ground box allow the water to drain out naturally through the ground.
Will the ground box leak if it cracks or breaks?
No. As long as the inner liner does not crack or break, the box will not lose its air pocket seal.
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