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Enhance the working environment with Wattstopper lighting controls

Drab and dimly-lit workplaces are out - and well-lit, energy-saving spaces are in. Creating spaces where employees feel comfortable and motivated is more important than ever. Implement hygienic touchless controls, take advantage of daylighting and automatic shading, integrate lighting controls with A/V systems, and create spaces where employees feel alert, productive, and safe.

Wattstopper lighting controls offer seamless integration and easy installation into new or existing buildings. For use in conference rooms, lobbies, open offices, breakrooms, restrooms or private offices, Wattstopper lighting controls assist in creating high-performing spaces with occupants in mind. 

Conference Rooms

Add flexible lighting controls and motorized shades in conference rooms that can be integrated with audio visual systems, providing occupants with ease of control over their environment to boost productivity.

Open Offices

Transform open spaces with lighting controls and automatic shades that operate lights based on specific zone, occupancy, or natural daylight levels, allowing for increased employee comfort and productivity.


Create a positive and comfortable space with lighting controls and shades in areas where employees and visitors can feel welcomed and relaxed. When lobbies are not occupied, lights automatically shut off to save energy.

Private Offices

Utilize light and shade controls to adjust light levels based on the time of day to give tired eyes a break from the computer screen, or lower the shades to reduce screen glare.

Download the design guide to learn how to design a space with lighting and shade controls to create healthy, productive workspaces.