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Power and Charging Solutions for Hotel Furniture 

Connectivity, power and charging can no longer be ignored. It’s a must-have for every hotel. Add power and charging directly to your furniture and transform it into exactly what people want: a stylish, simple way to stay connected.

Thoughtful design paired with premium functionality. Stylish charging, switching and dimming built right into furniture.

A step above ordinary for your hotel. The sleek, modern design for furniture-based power and charging.

The dash Furniture Power Center adds configurable and convenient access to power and data directly to your furniture. Unlike other units, dash is customizable, allowing you to configure and order an arrangement of power, data, and switching cubes to meet the needs of any hospitality space.

Smart Switches, Dimmers, Sensors and Thermostats that personalize every guest experience.

Power within reach. Bring power and charging to desks or tables and keep cords from overwhelming the space.

Flip up your thinking. Prep work surfaces and counters for necessary connections that are kept safe from spills.

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