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Nuvo Music Share

​​​​​​​Grab your controller and enjoy access to your complete personal library.

​​​​​​​It's time to have your entire music collection in one place. Your Nuvo system allows you to listen to your downloaded music in iTunes, your imported CDs, any playlists you've created in Windows Media Player, plus any external NAS storage device content, and more.

Music Share for Mac OS is currently not compatible with the latest Mac OS release, Catalina 10.15.  This new OS has made changes to many things involving music. Our team is looking into how best provide a solution for Nuvo owners that would like to use Mac software for sharing their music libraries with Nuvo.

Legrand makes listening to all of your music, no matter where it is, simple. Just download the Nuvo Music Share software, select the music from which computer you want the system to access, and you're done.