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When it comes to commercial wiring device installs, flexibility is the name of the game. That's what makes P&S PlugTail® the electrical wiring device platform of the future. Easy to install, change out and upgrade, it's an efficient and cost-effective way to address a building's electrical requirements today ... and tomorrow.

Resources & Downloads

USB Charging Facts vs. Fiction

The need for USB charging is becoming more common in commercial, public and residential settings - here's what you should know.

Powering Through the Transition to USB Type-C

Everything you need to know about the transition from USB Type-A to USB Type-C.

7 Things to Know About PlugTail

More reasons to make the  switch to PlugTail devices.

PlugTail Brochure

Learn how you can gain more control at more jobsites.

Video Library

Watch how PlugTail devices help you better control labor costs and jobsite risks.

Jobsite Productivity Tips Whitepaper

Productivity-boosting tips every electrical contractor should know.


Customer Testimonials

“I’d say that PlugTail is twice as fast as conventional device installation. Installing PlugTail devices saved us at least 10 hours of labor on this job and I feel confident in saying that the more we use PlugTail, the more productivity savings we would probably see as well.”
– Denis Murphy, Business Development Manager at Electrical Design Systems
“PlugTail made the trim-out portion go faster, and, by this phase, I want to send guys to other jobs that are starting. PlugTail freed up more manpower, reducing my labor cost. Conventional wiring methods can’t offer this.”
– Ken Oyler III, Owner of Oyler Electric Inc.
“Project managers may decide which devices to use, but profits ultimately go to the owners. That’s why owners should be aware of PlugTail. It’s a better investment that can lead to greater profits.”
- Arnold Kovalsky, President of Kovalsky-Carr
“PlugTail only takes a minute to change out, compared to five minutes for a regular device, and there’s no learning curve because it’s so simple. For contractors, it's all about saving time because time means money. For hospital maintenance, staff time is even more valuable because it affects the efficiency of patient care. PlugTail’s speed creates a huge advantage.”
- Chris O’Higgins, Director of Facilities at Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center
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Explore the all new PlugTail® USB Type A & C Charging Receptacles.
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Discover how much you can save in both dollars and man hours using Pass & Seymour PlugTail Wiring Devices instead of conventional wiring devices.

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