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Environmental Product Declarations

Please CLICK HERE to be redirected to our Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) page, where our Product Environmental Profiles (PEPs) are available to download, organized by product category.

Also, a complete listing of Legrand’s over 100 PEPs can be found on mindful MATERIALS, a free platform with aggregated information on human health and environmental impacts for products from leading manufacturers, vetted by experts.


Looking for a PEP for a specific part number? Enter the part number in the search bar above and look for the PEP ecopassport icon on the product page



The life cycle and environmental impacts of these Legrand products have been assessed and verified by the Environmental Product Declaration Program, PEP ecopassport®.


PEP ecopassport is the international reference program for the environmental products declarations (EPDs) for the electric, electronic and heating & cooling industries. The resulting declarations are in conformance with ISO 14025 and 14040 as well as in alignment with EN 15804.


Version 4 of the USGBC's LEED® Rating System awards building owners one point for product transparency if they source at least 20 different permanently installed products with PEPs/EPDs from at least five different manufacturers. For the purposes of the credit achievement calculation, third party verified PEPs count as 1 product, and internally verified PEPs count as ¾ of a product.


To learn more about increasing product transparency through a commitment to Product Environmental Profiles (PEPs), CLICK HERE to read Legrand’s blog on the USGBC website.


Not sure how to interpret the information in these documents? CLICK HERE to take our "How to Read a PEP" course and earn GBCI CEUs.

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