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EV Charging at Home

Explore safe, fast and efficient plug-in EV chargers and accessories.

We know power and we know charging. When it comes to helping EV drivers charge up and stay road-ready, Legrand’s electric vehicle chargers provide fast Level 2 charging with the same safety-focus and attention to quality we’ve been delivering through our switches and outlets for more than 130 years. Plus, with a sleek and compact design that’s made for use indoors or out, our EV charging solutions can fit into any space for refueling at home with ease and convenience. 

The future of fuel is already here. Charge up with a brand you can trust.

Two exceptional options for Level 2 EV charging at home.

Once you’ve decided to make the switch to an electric vehicle, adding EV charging to your home is the next step. Legrand offers two great options for safe, sleek and speedy at-home charging, each designed to meet unique user needs and preferences.

For the easiest option, just plug in and charge. Our Plug-In Charger features 40 amps of output that can take an EV battery from 0 to 100% in 8-10 hours while providing 38 miles of range per hour of charging. Or, for those wanting a little more power, our hardwired version offers a variable power output (from 16 to 48 amps) – allowing for a faster charge and larger range, as well as the flexibility to meet any vehicle’s needs or driver’s energy preferences.

Both options work with any electric vehicle (EV) and are Energy Star-certified to qualify for potential rebates and tax credits.

Ready to plug in? Get safe and easy EV charging for your space, indoors or out.

Whether you’re charging up in the garage or driveway, rest assured it’ll be safe and electrical code-compliant with Legrand’s high-quality EV charging solutions and accessories that can fit any need. Get an easy start on your perfect charging station setup with these ready bundles for indoor or outdoor installations. 

Big benefits from a brand you know.