COVID-19 Update
A message from John Selldorff on the COVID-19 virus and what LNCA is doing in response.
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What's New
  • Main Lug Panels Support - Graphical Views and Management, New Reports
  • LCAP Enclosure Part Numbers
  • Major Improvements to DMX gateway interaction and control
  • Tunable White/Human Centric Lighting (HCL) Options – New CCT
  • Load Type and revamped HSIC, HSL, RGB, RGBW Load Types
  • Architectural Dimming Equinox Support for all Widgets
  • Commercial Equinox View for managing Commercial Equinox Screens and Apps
  • Commercial Equinox Emulator for testing screens and UIs
  • New Schedules Editor
  • Divide/Combine and Partitioning Views