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Human Centric Lighting Solutions

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Human Centric
Lighting Solutions

Advanced tunable lighting made simple.
Improve the quality of light for increased visual comfort in any space.

In this next phase of LED lighting innovation, light and art come together for beautifully illuminated spaces. Introducing Wattstopper Human Centric Lighting (HCL) - a precision dimming and tunable white lighting system with industry-leading quality of light that transforms any space. Wattstopper combines digital lighting control excellence with industry-leading tunable white technology, enabling new lighting experiences while reducing the complexity of design, installation, and operation of advanced LED lighting systems. HCL offers solutions for both our Digital Lighting Management and Architectural Dimming systems.

HCL Solutions through DLM Controls

The Wattstopper Blanco light engines integrate seamlessly with Digital Lighting Management (DLM) to ensure simple and intuitive control. DLM’s Plug n’ Go automatic configuration ensures these switches control the CCT channel and intensity immediately, bringing a new level of simplicity to tunable lighting projects.

HCL Solutions through Architectural Dimming (DMX Control)

The Equinox line of touchscreens offers unlimited options when designing lighting scenes, schedules, and events that allow users simple to advanced control of tunable fixtures.

Human Centric Lighting
Sell Sheet

Learn how HCL solutions deliver high quality, tunable light, making any space more visually comfortable.

Human Centric Lighting Brochure
Replicate natural light with Wattstopper’s Human Centric Lighting solution: a turnkey HCL system of tunable light engines and accompanying HCL controls.
Human Centric Lighting Products
Human Centric
Lighting Products
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product line.