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Legrand products contribute to improved indoor air quality and thermal, visual and acoustic comfort for building occupants.


The Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ) category* rewards decisions made by project teams about indoor air quality, thermal and visual comfort, and occupants’ satisfaction. 

*Use of multiple products within the designated credit does not equate to achievement of multiple points in all cases 

2009Controllability of Systems – Lighting EQc6.1 2
v4Interior Lighting 2
2009Daylight and Views - Daylight 1
v4Daylight 1

Controllability of Systems – Lighting EQc6.1 & Interior Lighting Credits 


Controllability of Systems – lighting EQc6.1 (2009): To provide a high level of lighting system control by individual occupants or groups in multi-occupant spaces. 

Interior Lighting (v4): To promote occupants’ productivity, comfort and well-being by providing high-quality lighting. 

Max. Potential Point(s): 2 


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Daylight and Views – Daylight (2009) & Daylight (v4) Credits 

Daylight and views – daylight (2009): To provide building occupants with a connection between indoor spaces and the outdoors through the introduction of daylight via manual or automatic glare control devices. 

Daylight (v4): To connect building occupants with the outdoors, reinforce circadian rhythms and reduce the use of electrical lighting by introducing daylight into the space. 

Max. Potential Point(s): 1 

Our shading solutions allow manual or automatic glare control for all regularly occupied spaces. Point(s): 1

Legrand Product Contributions