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Hot Takes: Dallas Market Trend Recap

Explore the year’s biggest trends from Dallas Market 2019

​​​​​​​ June 24, 2019
Trend 1
Exploring the 2019 Dallas Market was full of glitz and glamour. A major trend on display included an array of luxe materials and textures -- gold, marble, velvet, shag -- often playing with shape and form for a modern twist.

Trend 2
Not everything was about that bit of sparkle, though. Another trend on display? Newer isn’t always better. Refurbished furniture delivering eye-catching character and unique charm also popped up repeatedly on the market floor.

Trend 3
​​​​​​​ Don’t settle for practicality. As the Lightovation portion of this week’s Dallas Market was eager to show, home lighting can be as much about making an aesthetic statement as it is about illuminating your space. Fixtures demanded attention at every turn, showing up in every conceivable shape and size. Check out the loop lighting and geometric chandeliers that caught our eye in the gallery of market images below.

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