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2023 Interior Design Trends

The latest tips and design inspiration for your next home project

December 2022

Trends in Color

1. Warmly embrace those brown-based tones.

It’ll be no surprise if you’ve seen any of 2023’s “Colors of the Year,” but from paint to fabric to hardware, warm tones are HOT right now.

From the vivid – like trending corals and tomato reds – to creamier neutrals, an undertone of brown (or sometimes an overtone of brown, for that matter) is helping to evoke both stability and comfort through everything from tapestries and upholstery to wooden furniture and metallic fixtures.  

2. Go big (and bold) with your blues.

But all that is “cool” can’t ever fully be forgotten.

While warmer tones may be taking center stage, saturated blues (and even greens) are still also trending, for attention-grabbing accent pieces as well as for bolder backdrops by those who love a little drama in their designs. If you aren’t interested in turning up the tonal temperature in your space, opting for rich tones is a way to stay on trend, no matter the shade. 

Trends in Texture

1. The reign of gold continues...

Gold (and its brassier compatriot) continues to be the major metal of the moment. When it comes to light fixtures, door and cabinetry hardware, and other decorative elements, there’s really no easier way to take things up a notch than upgrading with a gold finish. And with several color variations within the gold family, as well as options for the metal treatment – brushed, matte, polished – it can fit in with most any design genre. 

2. Minimalists are giving "soft" modern a try.

While several “maximalist” styles have gained popularity recently, the minimalist approach to décor and design hasn’t gone away…but it has evolved. 

Especially in kitchens and bathrooms, designers are finding a balance for the simple, streamlined elements of a minimalist space by intentionally introducing some curves and arches, selecting warmer tones in muted shades, or blending multidimensional shapes and surfaces with a monochromatic finish. The end result remains modern and uncluttered, without being impersonal, austere or cold.  

Trends in Pattern

1. Checking things off.

Checkered tile floors are having a resurgence, as well as the printed and woven versions of the block-based pattern. Trending textile options range from the classic high-contrast pairings (black and white, black and red) to combined colors in lighter, low-contrast shades. 

2. Getting a little creative with that wallpaper.

Yes, wallpaper’s comeback started a few years ago. But now it’s trending in new ways as design-enthusiasts have found more creative, even unexpected ways to use it. Examples: To accentuate built-in shelving, to elevate a nook (breakfast, reading, etc.) in wall art or wall plates. Don’t limit yourself to covering a full wall and you might be surprised by where a little pop of patterned paper can add style and energy. 

Trends in Composition

1. Pursue your passions with personalized (yet versatile) spaces. 

Claiming space in your home to do the hobbies you love is definitely trending right now. But while a dedicated craft or sewing room, home music studio or audiophilic listening den, may be doable for some, many people just don’t have the space.  

That’s one reason why flex spaces continue to be so popular. It’s not just that they can act as an office or a gym or a daycare when you need it (as the pandemic recently showed us), but because they can also help facilitate doing more of the recreational activities that truly mean the most to you. By incorporating elements for organization and storage, digital connectivity, adjustable lighting, etc., you can create an area that serves you just as well when you need a brightly lit scrapbooking station as it does when you need a dim evening spot to relax and wind down before bed. 

2. It’s always a good time to emphasize wellness. 

The term “self-care” is everywhere these days, but when it comes to your home it shouldn’t just be about eye masks and bubble baths (though they’re great). Certain home updates, both big and small, can actually also help you take better care of yourself, as well as of your loved ones.  

Designating or revamping a family “drop zone” can reduce morning and evening stress. Simply rearranging furniture can change the flow and make a space more conducive to your needs; so can opening up certain rooms if your budget and architecture can allow. Options for cleaner lighting controls can help minimize mess and germ spread, while the right combo of efficiency windows and window treatments can help boost moods with direct sunlight while limiting energy waste.  

A new year is a great reason to pause, reflect and evaluate the details of your space to determine how it can not only look its best, but work best for you and your wellbeing.   

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